How to restore the intestinal flora in a natural way

If you did not know, the intestinal flora is a set of microorganisms that are located inside the intestines that influence our health. Favoring the generation of diseases when intestinal flora is affected in our intestines. When it is usually triggered, several problems need to pay attention and learn how to restore the intestinal flora. The intestinal flora also called bacterial flora acts with great metabolic activity and gives light to our intestines.


Whenever severe abdominal pains, diarrhea or constipation are affected in one way or another the bacterial flora, these being the most common causes: Maintaining a healthy intestinal flora is important because it benefits us in helps maintain healthy immune system. It helps to have good digestion and absorb the nutrients of each meal. Prevents stomach upset, such as gas and flatulence, eliminating symptoms such as diarrhea, and constipation.  It prevents some bacterial and intestinal infections like the irritable colon.

The bacteria that are lodged in our organism are completely necessary since these are of great importance for the intestinal flora, which in some occasions is affected or scarce. The constant consumption of fiber is important as they help eliminate toxins and improve intestinal transit by pulling from the walls of the stomach any trace of parasites that could harm health.

Do not consume antibiotics that stick strongly to the stomach as they can damage the intestinal flora. Beer contains the correct yeast to make the bacteria complete to keep us healthy. Drink two liters of water a day when minimum.

Keep in mind that there are on the market dairy drinks that understand and stabilize the intestinal flora. Since the beginning, breast milk is the main natural way to develop bacterial flora. The consumption of some foods such as yogurt or ice cream where the milk is pasteurized can cause gastrointestinal diseases. Giving symptoms such as flatulence, gas, colic and diarrhea however one of the main causes is that breast milk was not given during the matched time.


Make a smoothie of fruits and vegetables, which includes carrots, beets, strawberries and yogurt. Take in the morning a drink that will bring you Vitamin B6 and K.  Does this post violate your rights? It sends a notification of an alleged infringement of rights. You can also do it through our contact form. This information should never substitute for the opinion of a physician. If in doubt, consult with professionals.