Remain Injury Free With Muscle Activation Techniques

Pushing your body’s limits doesn’t have to mean worrying about injuries at every obstacle, just like running a race doesn’t have to mean icing your aching knees later, and working out doesn’t have to mean pain. With the right tools and knowledge, you can train your mind and body to work smarter, in the right manner, and to avoid injury. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a specialized method that evaluates the current state of your muscles, and pinpoints where you are most susceptible to injury so that you can stop incidents before they even occur. MAT then trains the body and mind to work together, helping you remain injury free.


Look for Muscle Activation Technique specialists near you to experience this incredible set of techniques for yourself. If you live in the Toronto region, Striation 6 is a gym that has some of the best MAT specialists in the city. These specialists work to improve reaction time and coordination through a very specific method based on neuroscience. The thought behind Muscle Activation Techniques is that the brain isn’t telling certain body parts to work properly, resulting in pain. For instance, if your nervous system has an issue “talking to” your hip flexor, it might not work properly, resulting in a sore hip. Your hip is not the problem, but the brain isn’t communicating with the flexor in the right way. The brain is designed to keep the body away from injury: it tells your body to use the strongest muscles to get things done. Problems arise because sometimes the brain gets it wrong, and it does not know that certain muscles are more compatible with the job it needs completed. By using MAT, the brain strengthens the muscles that are the most compatible with your movements, and creates a more direct path for the nervous system that controls them so that they may be completed quicker. This helps you stay away from injury, while actually performing at a higher level. Discover if you are constantly getting injured or you would simply like to prevent injuries before they happen.

Another benefit of Muscle Activation Techniques is doubling your strength. If muscles are not communicating with the brain effectively, only a small percentage is functioning; however, when a proper communication system is in place, you will exercise to your full potential, which can double your strength. The same goes for flexibility: lack of communication between the brain and certain muscles limits your range of motion. MAT pushes all the right buttons of the muscles leading to stretching, and unlocks your flexibility potential.

Strengthening weak muscles is one of the biggest advantages of Muscle Activation Techniques – stability and strength go a long way in overworked muscles as muscles working overtime often cause tearing ligaments and sprained limbs. By connecting the brain and the muscles together, your body works to strengthen each and every muscle instead of just the ones it thinks you should be using at that time. This also works to alleviate as much pain is possible, as pain is caused from muscles overworking themselves time after time. Muscle Activation Techniques keep the same muscle from grinding and working overtime helping to knock out pain.

MAT specialists work with you to ensure your workouts are without pain and to your body’s full potential – wake up after a workout feeling refreshed and ready to hit the day instead of grabbing the ice pack and dreading another day at the gym.