How to relieve hemorrhoids quickly and naturally

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a series of veins that swell in the anus. These can cause much itching burning and sometimes bleeding in the area. This inflammation may be due to some type of inflammation in the area due to injuries or alterations in the circulation of the same.  One of the main causes why hemorrhoids tend to swell hurt more when they sprouted without hard stools. These can cause by high consumption of tobacco, alcohol or an unbalanced diet with very few fibers and proteins.

How to relieve hemorrhoids

The list of home remedies to relieve hemorrhoids that we present below, will serve to reduce inflammation and to decrease the pain. In an effective way, you can use them alone or combined depending on the hemorrhoids are present. Your condition since in this list they are varied. It will be useful for internal hemorrhoids and for external ones as well as some that will help you for both.


The preparation of boiled Swiss chard leaves. Then placing them on the affected area will help reduce the pain caused by hemorrhoids almost immediately.  Place them when they are warm to avoid some type of injury in the area. Then place yourself on your back and place them on the hemorrhoids if they are external.


Sure, you think they will be the seat baths. It is a simple way to relieve hemorrhoids you will only need a little warm water and a little soap blue. Immerse the hemorrhoids in a tray with warm water and wash lightly with blue soap. Then rinse again and leave submerged for about 5 minutes, this way you calm the pains, itching, burning. Other ailments are proper to the exposure of hemorrhoids.

Good hygiene:

Maintain good hygiene to one of the effective ways you will find how to relieve hemorrhoids. Because through it you will keep, the anus and the area with the least number of bacteria thus avoid complications from them.

Avoid bidding in the bathroom:

It is important to know that overexposure and pushing a lot. When we are in the bathroom is one of the causes. Those hemorrhoids come out and cause the unbearable pain and annoyance that this gives us.  When you use the bathroom, try to go only when you want to relieve yourself. That you will not have to bid but will naturally leave all the content you have in the intestines.