How to relieve back pain through traction therapy

If you’re one of the millions who suffer from chronic back pain can be trying any known treatment to relieve your symptoms. Physical therapy, gentle exercise, heat, ice and alternative treatments can, in some cases, provide relief. Depending on what is causing your back pain, you can also try the traction therapy. Traction works to gently stretch your back. If your back pain is caused by tight muscles or pressure on a nerve, this extension will help to relieve pressure. Attraction type you use depends on your condition and what part of the spine is affected.
relieve back pain


Go where your physical therapist or massage for a gentle manual traction. You’ll have to lie down on a flat table and allow your body to relax. If pain in the lower back, the therapist will keep your ankles and / or heels and will pull very gently. This will help stretch the muscles and relieve pressure on the nerves and discs. If the pain is in the upper back, the therapist will keep your neck and head, gently raise and will pull. The more you relax and you can release the tension you’re having, the better the results.


Ask your chiropractor or physical therapist about using a traction table. There are many varieties of tables as shown in (see Resources). You are positioned on a special table and will ensure a machine. The machines vary in how they are positioned and location of your injury will determine the configuration. While you are lying on the table, the machine and apply gentle traction to stretch and slowly release tension and pain. Your therapist may ask you to stay in it for about 20 or 30 minutes.
Purchase an inversion table to use at home. These look like the one shown here in (see Resources). With these devices you can tie you to the table, then you can use the handles on the side for invertirte. Remain in an inverted position for 15 to 20 minutes or to your liking. With inversion tables, gravity provides traction. Talk with your doctor first. Invert the body can raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels and can cause you other health problems.