How I reduced my waist in 6 weeks

Not even I was counting a lot, and I say now is that of a model, but if I were to go to the beach tomorrow I would do without too many problems (a month and a half ago I would have to gather your courage …). If you are interested I will tell you how I did it.

If you are trying to find a solution to your problems online, remember that sometimes the solution lies in perseverance, in the ideas clear, and perseverance. No tricks, no magical substances, nothing futuristic tools, no telesales spring … only a few rules, and clear objectives.

my waist

I have done so (then everyone will know best what their weaknesses, and where and how to intervene).

1) Just ice cream and sweets, and sugar in coffee. I devoured them with great taste. Strange to say I miss the most. And my waistline thanks. Maybe soon they will insert back into my diet, but in moderation.

2) Enough beer, little wine (dinner only), no hard liquor.

3) portions a little smaller. We say two thirds of those who ate earlier and more frequent meals. Before I ate in practice two times a day, skipping breakfast (error – horror!) Now I eat five times a day (breakfast, main meals, two snacks very light) and I’m FINE. Many vegetables, whole meal bread, fruit.

4) Physical activity almost every day. Whether it’s a nice walk outdoors, or an hour in the gym, or a training session for the abdominals in the living room, every day I try to do something to keep me moving. The abs to be more specific, at least three times a week. I take away 15 minutes to workout, and I need to go to the gym if I want to train them on purpose.

5) I weigh myself regularly to monitor progress (and measure your waistline in a while). No big worries though I got a few pounds, but I feel that to be increasingly aware of my weight helps keep my motivation high.

6) I drink much more water than before.

7) If I happen to be tired and not feel like working out I do not make a drama, tomorrow is another day and take you with more enthusiasm than ever.

8) I am convinced of what I do, I want to achieve the objectives, and how I’m doing. If you have any doubts or concerns obligate not to follow the roads that do not convince you. Everyone is different, and each has its own priorities. Locate and follow yours.

How I’ve missed? I will not tell. But I am very pleased with the result.