How quickly reduce waist

If you want to reduce waist fast is not enough to eat less food. Actually, it is consider the balance between exercise and a healthy diet , so that you achieve weight loss by burning fat and decrease your muscle mass.

So if you just want to lose those extra inches, we’ll show how to reduce waist fast with feeding tips and exercises to shape the waist .

reduce waist

Balanced diet to reduce waist

When it comes to losing weight and burning fat , a good diet should include the type of meals as well as their frequency and portion size with which you feed.

An effective way to burn fat and lose weight is to eat fewer carbohydrates . When you exercise, the body is oxygenated more precisely our body and helps with oxygen to transform carbohydrates into energy.

But if we reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates like sugars , sweets, pastries and prepared items with white flour, the body will have to use fat to burn and energy.

Therefore, a good diet should be based on the consumption of complex carbohydrates such as rice, oats and lentils as well as fruits and vegetables, especially greens, such as lettuce and spinach, like broccoli and apples. All are foods rich in fiber which improves your digestion and increase your satiety.

Also, you should reduce the portions of food you take, so you eat less food, dividing them into more intakes or meals. In short, to reduce waist fast , you should eat more times a day, but in smaller amounts. The good news is that if your daily diet you take away about 500 calories, you will lose up to 1 kilo a week.


Exercises to reduce waist

Another key to reduce the waist is to comply with a daily exercise routine , so you can help the body to consume more calories taken from the accumulated body fat. For this you need a routine of aerobic exercise plus localized allow you shape the waist .

Speaking of exercise to burn fat, slightly inclined treadmill exercise offers a very good and effective resistance. It is also a good choice for exercise at home, if you prefer to save the cost of the gym. As for exercises to reduce waist , are good abdominal crossed and exercises squats and twisting waist.


Abdominal Crusaders

To make your abs crossed, you should lie down on your back, hands clasped behind his head and legs bent. The exercise involves moving the body side, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee, without straining the neck and making the effort with abs . Then you must do it in the opposite direction: left elbow to right knee. Repeated about 10-12 times and rest.


Waist torsion

The waist twisting exercises are performed by placing a barbell behind your neck, resting on your shoulders and passing both forearms above the bar. Keeping your back straight, you must rotate the upper body from side to side without moving your feet. First one way, then the other. Make 50 rotations per set.



For exercises squats, you must crouch with your back to the ground with the tip of your fingers. Do it slowly, without damaging your back. Well, if you look at an exercise plan and wearing a healthy and balanced diet , you can reduce the waist quickly without compromising the health of your body and longer lasting results. Do you agree with this advice?