Exercises to reduce back pain

Back pain is the result of many different types of injuries and conditions. Often, a person continues to have back pain because it does simple exercises to increase back strength and flexibility. You can reduce back pain without a coach, membership gym personnel or expensive equipment.

Aerobic Activity
Back pain can prevent a person live an active life. Regardless of the pain, it is important to maintain a healthy heart through aerobic activity. It is also important to lose excess weight or prevent weight gain that comes with inactivity. Having less weight means less stress on your back and spine. Aerobic activities that are low impact are the best options if you are experiencing back pain. Examples of low-impact activities are swimming, cycling and hiking. Swimming and water aerobics are ideal because they do not put any weight on the spine. Start slowly and increase aerobic activity while increasing your endurance.

reduce back pain

If you are experiencing back pain, is likely to be a position that makes you feel more comfortable. For some people this is a sitting position, where both the back and the hips are flexed. Other people feel better in a standing position where the hip and back stretch. Knowing what makes you feel better can help you improve the effectiveness of your stretch. If you feel more comfortable when standing, you will benefit more with stretching extension.


In the cobra yoga stretch, you lie on your belly and you lift your upper torso extending to the sky while you lean on your hands providing a release of the lower back. Raise one leg and one arm while alternating on all fours like a pointer dog is also a great stretch to extend the vertebral column. If sit is more comfortable, you can do flexing exercises that work in the stomach and abdomen area. Bring your knees to your chest is one of those stretches and is another wound. To curl up you lie on your back with legs extended toward heaven and you bring your torso to the knees (or as high as possible).
When it comes to relieving back pain, it is necessary to improve core muscle strength. The core of your body is the entire abdomen, back, buttocks and thigh muscles. Avoid exercises that increase pain, and begins underweight. Squats, lunges and crunches can help increase core strength and provide support for the spine. Avoid stretches and exercises that require you to touch the toes of one foot. Do not do crunches with legs extended fully and avoid leg lifts, as they can cause a sharp pain in the back and make symptoms worse. Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.