Reasons to Faithfully Follow the Prescription Given by the Doctor

After you have had a check-up with the doctor, you might receive a prescription. You must follow everything that your doctor wrote until you get better. You can’t decide to follow what you read online or base your medicine intake on how you feel. Your doctor analysed your situation before giving the medicine. Therefore, you need to faithfully follow the instructions. 

You want to fully kill the bacteria in your body

For instance, your doctor might give you antibiotics. You need to finish the medicine until the bacteria no longer exist. If you decide to stop the intake of antibiotics after two days because you don’t feel sick, it’s a terrible decision. The bacteria could still come back.

The next time you get ill, the same antibiotics will no longer work since the bacteria have become resistant. The same thing could be true for other sources of diseases like viruses and fungi. If your doctor gives you antifungal nail paint, it’s important to finish the medication. 

You might get sick again 

Just because you’re feeling better after taking the medicine doesn’t mean you’re already okay. The medicine is only starting to take effect. Once you stop, you will feel the symptoms again. Therefore, if the doctor tells you to take the meds for a week, you need to follow the plan. 

You might overdose

It’s also possible that you take more than what the doctor told you. In your mind, the bacteria will die quickly if you take more pills than required. You’re not doing yourself a favour with what you’re doing. You might even overdose, and die.

You might not recover at all

If you take the medicine only when you feel ill, you won’t completely recover. The symptoms will keep coming back. If you don’t want to suffer from this problem ever again, you have to follow what your doctor tells you until you feel well.

Ask for clarification

Once you receive the full diagnosis and prescription, you need to start the treatment process. If you don’t understand the instructions, or you receive too many different medications, you have to clarify. You also need to set a reminder so that you won’t forget the instructions given by the doctor.

Take the medicine until you don’t feel sick anymore. If you don’t feel better even after the course of medication, you have to consult with your physician again. It’s possible that you didn’t get the correct diagnosis. You might need to do some tests for confirmation. You might also have to increase the dosage medicine if what you were taking was insufficient. 

You can never go against your doctor. If in doubt, ask for a second opinion. Don’t rely on the recommendations given by fake doctors online. You also can’t rely on social media pages. You have to talk to a doctor who knows your full situation and can aid your recovery. Don’t hesitate to spend money when your health is at risk.