Lungs recover after quitting smoking?

The reasons for quitting

The greatest impact on the lungs is smoking is the damage done to them in the cilia. Cilia are tiny bumps, like hairs, which are in the lungs and respiratory tract that move back and forth when you breathe, to keep foreign matter or contamination outside. The images, taken by a scanning electron microscope, showing cilia in healthy lungs. When you smoke, these little bumps are destroyed and can not protect you from pollutants and infections that you inhale. They also help you get rid of mucus in the lungs. Without these, many smokers develop a chronic cough, which tries to get rid of mucus in the lungs function normally fulfilled cilia.

quitting smoking

After 72 hours

If you smoke, there is good news. The human body is a healing machine. If you quit when you’re healthy, your body can heal all or almost all the evil that has caused you this habit. Within 72 hours of being left, your lungs begin to heal themselves and probably breathe easier and better, as the bronchial tubes begin to relax.

Two weeks to nine months

Between two weeks and three months after leaving smoking, your circulation improves and your lung function increases by 30%. Its role will continue to improve up to 9 months because the cilia grow back. At 9 months, the smoking-related cough, congestion and shortness of breath should have diminished or disappeared.

After 1 year

If you can quit for a year, you run the risk of having a heart disease will be reduced by half. After 5 years the risk will be reduced at the same having a nonsmoker. After 10 years suffer the risk of lung cancer and other risks related to cigarettes, such as mouth, throat or esophagus, they will also reduce cancers is reduced by half.

Speed recovery

During the first 9 months, some strategies can help you to recover your lungs. Eat healthy. Sleep properly and do moderate exercise. Drink at least 1 liter of water per day to refine the mucus. Use a facial steamer or breathing in steam shower will help you. Boil a pot of water and place it on a table next to where you can sit with your head on it. Cover your head with a towel to breathe in the steam.