How to quit smoking with Fresh Start

Fresh Start is the name of a campaign that helps smokers kick the habit and live a healthier life. The fact that smoking has been linked to heart attacks, cancer, emphysema and other diseases and quitting means you reduce your susceptibility to such conditions. As the American Cancer Society states: “After five years of quitting, the risk of lung cancer is reduced by almost half.” Fresh Start is a series of group sessions and workshops that provide information and methods to help smokers succeed in their efforts to quit.

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Read the brochure Fresh Start of the American Cancer Society. It is a two-page document that highlights the benefits of not smoking and describes how the program works. Being informed is the first step to quit smoking.



Make your employer is registered as a facilitator of Fresh Start. He, or a representative of the company must attend sessions.



Attend all four sessions led by a local facilitator of Fresh Start in the course of two weeks. The first part of the course teaches you to stop smoking, while the second part teaches you about how to start smoking again.



Go to the meeting prepared with questions about how to quit smoking, you will face challenges and how to overcome them. Your facilitator invites attendees to ask questions about what you pose at the beginning of each session of one hour. This is a positive support mechanism to help deal with nicotine cravings.



Use the materials that were delivered in the first session to control your stress and manage your weight gain. Fresh Start these two issues identified as major obstacles to succeed, and the kit provides information on how to deal with them.



Do not miss any sessions and practical methods described Fresh Start to effectively get rid of your addiction. Use group sessions for motivational support and an opportunity to share the success stories of other smokers. Talk to other meeting attendees. Give and receive encouragement to keep your urge to quit.