Protect Your Joints with the Glucosamine Sulphate

I believe it is everyone’s wish to have a healthy body from head to toe. One of the most crucial parts of the body that have to be kept in good conditions all the time are the body joints. Joints enable us function as they facilitate bending of the elbow, back, knees, turning the neck, swinging the shoulder and even the flexibility of the fingers. The cartilage and the synovial fluid at the joints act as the lubricant for the joints and prevent the bones at the joints from rubbing against each other that could lead to pains and difficulties when making movements.

One of the most trusted and well-known supplements for joint protections is Glucosamine. Glucosamine is one of the world’s most popular nutritional supplement that contributes greatly to the development and maintenance of healthy joint cartilage. More information about the supplement can be obtained from

Why you should use Glucosamine

Glucosamine is supplied in the most used and tested form of glucosamine sulphate; in high and correct dosage. They have further been tested in an independent laboratory for the quality assurance. They come in capsule form which can be opened, and taken by dissolving the powder in fruit juice, water or any suitable dairy product.

What exactly is Glucosamine?

Actually, Glucosamine is a substance that occurs in the body naturally. It serves the purpose of building and maintaining the soft cartilage tissue, tendons, casings for the joints and the other connective tissues. It also plays the role of maintaining the lubricating synovial fluid.

Additional glucosamine that has been externally manufactured in the nutritional supplement form helps supplement the one produced by the body, thus offering additional protection and promoting healthier joints.
Taking Glucosamine sulphate should yield noticeable results within a month – the results can be noticed in a shorter or longer period than a month. The effects differ with each person. The result also last longer post the time one stops using the supplements, though it dwindles. The supplement has no significant side effect hence safe for consumption. It, however, causes hypersensitivity in the stomach, increased eye pressure and sometimes increase the body cholesterol level.


The glucosamine is not to be taken by certain persons. The young, pregnant, breastfeeding women, diabetic persons, and people with shellfish allergies are not advised to consume this nutritional supplement.