Diabetes: prevention through sport

Some lifestyle tips to prevent the complications of diabetes, or even to stop the onset of diabetes type 2 at a later stage.


In a century, our lifestyles have changed radically for the better but also for the worst… Industrialization is accompanied by his lot of stress, fast food and physical inactivity, which are risk factors in the development of diabetes type 2 and complications of diabetes type 1 and II.

prevention through sport

Diabetes and art of living in the new Millennium
Whether or not, you’re reached a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of onset of the disease or to limit complications. Depending on your state of health and the type of diabetes that affects you, medication (insulin, tablets, etc.) may be useful.

Any person with diabetes can now lead a normal life by managing in the best condition, with four points: a balanced diet, physical exercise, appropriate medical advice and better stress management.

A balanced diet
There is no to strictly spoken of “regime for diabetic” but rather to all food hygiene advice. A balanced diet, you can control your blood sugar level (rate of sugar in the blood) but also stabilize your weight and serve as an example to all of your friends.

To achieve this goal:
Reduce the amount of fat in your diet by limiting its use for cooking. Prefer food grilled, boiled or steamed in fried foods. Avoid cakes, cookies or candies, Eat less salt, and prefer other enhancers of taste such as herbs, spices or lemon.

Limit your consumption of alcohol, Skip meals and  sure to eat atregular hours.Sport, it is health!

Our modern lifestyles do not promote physical exercise. Yielding to a too sedentary life, the balance between the consumption of sugar in the blood and their storage looking too often on the wrong side. Regular physical activity helps to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood and improve the action of insulin.