Preventing allergies to paints and make up

Paints that are used to make up the face at costumes can irritate or produce allergic contact reactions on sensitive skin. A good costume is indispensable in the Carnival party. As much as the complements and a make-up of fantasy the paints and cosmetic products that are used can be somewhat aggressive to the skin especially in sensitive skins like that of children. Practice these tips to take care of the skin and avoid spoiling the party.

Preventing allergies

Tips for Using Facial Paints for Costumes

Prevent allergic reactions. Before makeup, perform a test with the paint on the inside of the wrist to check for redness or reaction. If you have sensitive skin use hypoallergenic products and for children, who have more delicate skin than adults do, you can try the easy to remove face and body water paints.

Clean and moisturized skin before makeup the skin should be clean. It cleanses the face and moisturizes the skin with nourishing cream to protect the skin from makeup. Soft brushes always use clean brushes and soft hair, if possible natural.

Baby wipes to correct. If you make a mistake in some makeup, nothing happens! With a damp baby wipe, you can clear the bug without irritating the skin. Special adhesive if you stick details on the face do it with a special adhesive that you can buy in cosmetic and costume stores.

Fixing spray to make the makeup intact during the costume party and do not spoil yourself with sweat or moisture you can apply a waterproof makeup fixative spray, which creates an invisible layer on the makeup to protect it. After the party is a session of skin removal and moisturizing with cream. We need to be conscious about our skin to protect various types of problem.