Pregnancy tests

More than two million tests are sold each year in pharmacy. The determination of a specific hormone of pregnancy, it enables a reliable response to 99%. They can be used as early as the first day of the rules or even three days prior to the more efficient.

Who applies this test?

A woman wishing to know if she is pregnant.

How it works?

The alleged day rules or even three days before, pregnancy tests sold in pharmacy detect the presence in the urine of a hormone secreted by the egg then the placenta, specific to pregnancy (b – HCG for human chronic gonadotropin). Fertilization is accompanied by the secretion of this hormone is growing during pregnancy.

Pregnancy tests

Placed in the presence of urine, the test change color. Their reliability is now 99% provided that the precautions have been well observed. The results must be obtained on the first urine of the morning.

How it used?

Just generally place the tester in a bottle of urine or place it under the jet of urine and read five minutes the response. Staining indicates a certain level of b – HCG, witness of a new pregnancy.

How many times or how long it uses it?

The test is for single use. It can be used from the first day of the rules and sometimes even three days before.

What are the products and their prices?

Almost two million and a half of pregnancy tests are sold each year in France. They are generally sold between 8 and €15 urns and non-refundable.

The advice of Doctissimo

False positive responses are very rare, but if the response of the test is negative, attention! A test too early does not always detect a recent pregnancy. Use in the morning urine more concentrated in hormones. B – HCG hormone dosage can also be carried out in the laboratory. To learn more, read our fact sheet on this medical analysis.