Pregnancy: guide authorized drugs

We all know, drugs and pregnancy do not mix. Also, making pharmaceuticals whatever cannot be considered trivial manner during this period. No need to take the slightest risk. Zoom on a small guide to health care without endangering the health of baby.

Health authorities come to write a very complete guide to assist in the prescription of medicines during pregnancy. Physicians, but also pharmacists are regularly confronted with this problem and as we’d not joke with the health of a baby coming, it was high time to issue clear guidelines for drugs during pregnancy.

guide authorized drugs

A novelty that comes to point

This small guide of drugs banned, discouraged, or allowed, has certainly been published to facilitate the work of physicians but also and especially for safety during your pregnancy.

The level of risk was cut into five broad categories:

Formally contraindicated drugs: they have important and proven risks to the fetus: not question to take during pregnancy!

Discouraged drug: suspected risk but it is not absolutely proven, it advises against but if the mother is a real benefit for his health, the doctor may still decide to give.

Drugs to avoid by caution: data on these medications during pregnancy are certainly reassuring but still insufficient when in doubt it does not!

Possible drugs: data are reassuring but it would still be necessary to enrich them. On an advice of your doctor, can resort to this drug.

Authorized medicines: here no doubt, clinical data are formal; there is no danger for baby. Nevertheless it is not for it to be in without reason! Taking any drug during pregnancy should occur only if absolutely necessary.

Different books were written by therapeutic class and contain specific information on the time of the pregnancy or the drug is the most dangerous, and on the particular risks for each drug.

Is my drug dangerous?

For now, a guide on antibiotics and another on psychotropic substances are out. Here is the list of drugs in each class, with the color code indicating the risk here.