Pregnancy and medicines: the basic tips

You are pregnant or want to be soon and wondering what is the course before your Cabinet to pharmacy. Likely in making a drug? Doctissimo is the point.

Advice to pregnant women or nursing mothers

Never take a medication without medical advice Although this drug is sold without a prescription. Attention: a drug that has been authorised to you in early pregnancy may be contraindicated in the past months.

Pregnancy and medicines

Always announce the existence of your pregnancy if you are in contact with health professionals (physician, pharmacist, nurse, etc.).

Do not hesitate to contact your doctor or pharmacist if you are in doubt.

What are the risks?

Many drugs can pass in the blood of the foetus at the level of the placenta: place of mother-child exchanges. Indeed, this barrier is permeable to oxygen and nutrients, but also to certain drugs.

The medicinal products concerned are mainly those who will find themselves in the blood. This mode of action said General track includes used way oral, rectal, sublingual, Transcutaneous and injectable drugs. If other routes of administration of the drug do not have vocation to a passage in the blood, caution must, however, remain appropriate.


Rate of congenital anomalies: 10% of pregnancies

Due to drug birth defects: 4-5% of total congenital anomalies or 1 pregnancy on 200.

Fortunately, the drugs taken during pregnancy will not surely lead dramatic consequences. In addition, possible defects are most of the minimal time.

Nevertheless, through mechanisms often little-known, some drugs may be at the origin of malformations or toxic to the child in utero. The consequences of these medications vary when taken during pregnancy. The toxicity of the drugs can even speak before conception.


As during pregnancy, the taking of a drug while breastfeeding may present a risk. If the drug passes through the milk, it is absorbed by the child, and can have a toxic effect on him.

The means of toxicity in children studies are, in the same way as during pregnancy, difficult to assess from an ethical point of view. However, it is possible to know if a drug passes into milk or not. This allows us to predict the period during which it is not possible to breastfeed. Please advice your doctor.

As during pregnancy, it is advisable to not taking medication while breastfeeding without medical advice.