Start a physical activity with a plan

You decided to lose a few pounds! To achieve your goal, you will change your diet and spend you! It is an excellent initiative, but be careful not to do anything! Some precautions should be taken, especially if one starts from zero or one has significant weight problems.

1 – A check-up is required
First, it must be sure that you do not have contraindications or health conditions that may prohibit certain occupations. Consult a doctor of sport for example. And don’t worry, it will always be an activity that suits.

physical activity with a plan

2 – Buy a pedometer
Quite honestly, a pedometer will not actually allow you to evaluate your physical activity in detail and the corresponding calorie expenditure. For example, if you climb a staircase, the unit will count as normal steps. Nevertheless it can help you to get an idea of where your location. Should normally be 10,000 steps per day.

A few highlights:
Steps / day Activity
0-3 000 Major inactivity
3 000-6 000 Low activity
(15 min / day)
6 000-10 000 Moderate activity
More than 10 000 Activity recommended
(equivalent to 30 min per day)

Another interest of the pedometer, it’s motivate you: you will be able to read your daily physical activity increase, and measure your progress. If you are under 10,000 feet, first gently, increasing at a rate of 10% per week. If this sounds much, start by 5% (20% on the month).

3 – Evaluate the possibilities
To make a little more physical activity, should be a condition of the sites means that surround you. Can what free time you identify? You can still win if you look good! And what places allow you to engage in an activity: public places, parks, swimming pools… either around your home or your workplace. And don’t forget to do the inventory of equipment you have at home: bike (apartment or normal), floor mats… Also make the list of your physical activity in all areas (Professional, home, leisure and sport, transport, sedentary occupations) to see those you can increase.

4 – Banish the myths!
No, make physical activity, isn’t as at school, when gym teacher you required making thirty stage in short tours to your classmates! This can be a real pleasure when we do for himself: one can choose its activity, we go at their own pace, it was decided if we want to do it alone or with friends…

5 – Stop to tomorrow
You have all the best reasons in the world do not put yourself in the sport: lack of time, urgent for the work, lack of clothing… but is it not in the end of excuses to always push back the day after this good resolution? It’s time to stop procrastinating! To act today, read our tips to defeat this default.

6 – Do you coach!
Nothing better than a suitable support. For this, take a specialist: a sports medical educator. They are still few in France, but they are competent to help you find the activity that suits you, taking into account your health problems and they will offer you a suitable program. Ideal for overweight or obesity including.

7 – Go ahead gradually!
No question of run you directly in daily physical activity if you have never made sport. The goal is to reach at least half an hour per day, but going very gradually. Follow an order of progression:
First increase the duration: start with 10-minute exercises and lengthen their time;
Then, increase the intensity in a very progressive manner (increments of 10% with a stabilization phase). For example, for jogging: first fast walking, then chain after a few weeks with intermittent outbursts, and then increase the speed of trotting.
Finally increase the frequency (two times a week, go to three, then four…).
Each increase in duration, intensity or frequency, made of the levels of 3 to 4 weeks before you make a new change, in order to let your body get used to the new effort. It does not matter if it takes you several months to arrive half an hour of physical activity every day.

8 – Know your limits
No way to get your heart in the towers! To do this, there are simple rules. First, know the formula: maximum heart rate = 220 minus your age. Certainly, this formula is widely criticized by experts, because that remains a medium that can be far from the reality of each. But this gives a guide waiting to measure by a heart rate monitor. After you determined your max rate, be aware that it must work to halfway between your resting heart rate and your max rate.

Finally, a Council in case of overweight, alternate load and discharge activities: walking or jogging on the one hand, the swimming and cycling on the other.