Panorama of infertility treatments

All this prevents this meeting can be a cause of infertility. Several methods can fight against infertility.

– The first level is based on a treatment, called “ovulation inducer”. This treatment will trigger ovulation in women, so the acolyte to occur more easily. These hormonal treatments will promote ovulation and therefore possible fertilization after sexual intercourse.

Another issue: these treatments will improve the quality of the cervical mucus, out of the cervix. Sperm will rise this mucus as if they were “the great boulevards, when there one Sunday”. It rolls itself, there is no traffic jams. It easier for them.

infertility treatments

Conversely, if the woman takes a pill, the mucus will be completely entangled, preventing the sperm to pass. Without pill, some women have a mucus that will block the sperm, and in this case, hormonal treatment can ensure that the mucus is favorable. If in addition it offers an ovulation inducer, i.e. which will trigger ovulation, this facilitates the passage of sperm, facilitates the “Ponte” of the egg. Result: it facilitates the meeting of the two.

-If it does not, can offer insemination. Artificial insemination is to take the sperm of the husband and put it in the neck. In General, the man gives sperm in the laboratory, which will “prepare”. Three things will be sought: the number of sperm, the percentage of sperm mobility and the percentage of forms typical and atypical. If there are too many atypical forms, not enough of forms mobiles… this makes less fertilizing sperm. The preparation of the sperm will gather all mobile and normal sperm.

Order to facilitate fertilization. Once prepared, the sperm is placed in a straw. The wife just the day of ovulation (promoted by treatment) and the doctor will put this sperm prepared in the uterus. It will thus facilitate the “route” of the sperm by shortening the distance to cross. It is more likely that this operation leads to pregnancy.

-If it doesn’t have enough sperm in his semen (200 000 for example), will be an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In this case, a sample of 10,000, 30,000 or 50,000 sperm will be placed in a test tube in contact with the egg. It will thus facilitate fertilization.

– As a sub-group of this method, there is what is clerics which is a technique of fertilization In Vitro, where it takes a single sperm, that is introduced into the acolyte. In this case, the sperm is chosen (if I may say, we look at one that is mobile, etc.) and is injected it in the acolyte. Thus, there are more chances of pregnancy occurring. Many infertile men, who had until then no fix, found an effective method with ICSI.