Weight loss and toning in the gym. And new fitness trends

How many how many fears, doubts, because we need advice when you start thinking about how to retrieve the physical form. Subscribe to the gym? And if ‘became big’? Put me on a diet? But if I put myself on a diet and I go to the gym I can eat more? And so on … To try to answer your questions we interviewed (and thank you very much for the lovely interview) Silvia Lagorio, National Fitness Manager at Virgin Active Italy (19 fitness centres in Italy). Here’s what we said about diets, workouts for weight loss, new trends in the field of aerobics, train your ABS, reduce your waistline …

The biggest fear for a girl who is thinking of enrolling in gym is “Oh I’ll do weights, I will become huge instead of lose weight …!”. Is a fear founded? A few years ago when it was still in vogue the culture of body building women’s image often associated with the human body builder was extremely muscolarizzata and has created the myth that the activity with the weights would “enlarge” women easily.

Weight loss

Now I would say that this fear is almost disappeared, replaced by a greater culture on the effects of an activity with the right body weight. She loves having the lean physique but should know that this is not enough to get the cardiovascular activity, even a toning is essential to accelerate metabolism and thus to increase the daily calorie expenditure, together with a balanced diet. Important also that both toning program following multiple repetitions series preferring to high loads. Continue reading “Weight loss and toning in the gym. And new fitness trends”

The flu (or swine flu) Influenza

A (H1N1) can occur in mild or show a course that is sometimes quite serious. The symptoms of this variety, however, mostly flu are similar to those of classical seasonal and include fever with rapid onset, myalgias and arthralgias, headache, anorexia, fatigue and, sometimes, sore throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Among the various aspects symptom of the condition to be counted even those that correlate with a worsening of existing chronic diseases such as pneumonia and respiratory failure that may be associated.

It should also be noted in this connection, that those who are infected are already potentially infectious during the incubation of the disease when the symptoms are still to come: an adult infected, in fact, can transmit the virus to a healthy individual when he still feels in good health, then, from the first appearance of symptoms, is still contagious for a period or up to seven days.


Children, especially those in the earliest age, they may spread the virus for longer periods. Furthermore, the human transmission of this virus strain is also generally or by coughing and sneezing of those who are carriers (droplets of saliva and nasal secretions), or through contact with infected mucus from the hands airways. Continue reading “The flu (or swine flu) Influenza”

The disease laxatives

The disease laxatives The so-called “disease laxatives” is determined, in fact, intensive and prolonged use of these drugs, usually for a phobic attitude, as we shall see, against constipation or an obsessive desire to lose weight, in which case they are often taken together, including diuretics.

The purges have certainly represented, in the history of ‘man, one of the oldest therapies and even today remains the most frequent mode of self-medication, despite the damage that can sometimes lead and whom we shall in this brief note, which is educational and informative at the same time.

The disease laxatives

But because we own the copyright for establishing a truly morbid event it is necessary that the ingestion of laxatives, cathartic or purgative (depending on the intensity of the effect) is consistent, continuous and prolonged and not only refers to a regular intake of doses in time effective of this or that drug. Continue reading “The disease laxatives”

Flat abdomen, muscle tone and a body to envy at friends?

You can, should, and this is the right time to think about it. The autumn is not necessarily the time when we let go, the period in which cold and rain become excuses for eating more, for not doing physical activity, to lose fitness. And then regretting it (bitterly) as soon as the day starts to grow again.

There are no excuses that keep. And there are activities for all tastes and lifestyles. Gym activities designed to slim and tone having fun. We interviewed Silvia Pandolfi, head Downtown Cavour in Milan Courses and we place the most frequently questions we ask in your mail. Here’s what he replied. Make yourself comfortable;)

crunch on ball

If I subscribe to the gym as many weekly sessions should I put in the account (and then organize my little free time accordingly) if I want that serve to anything? Continue reading “Flat abdomen, muscle tone and a body to envy at friends?”

The chronic fatigue syndrome

The chronic fatigue syndrome “I’m tired, always tired, I do not want to do anything …” This is known as chronic fatigue syndrome, or at least could be. He speaks frequently and often without really knowing what it is. We interviewed Prof. John Cristianini, and we shot some of the questions most frequently arrive in Margherita.net on this topic.

There is a chronic fatigue syndrome? Yes there is. In December 1994, an international study group, formed in the United States, was able to publish a definition of this syndrome, which was to replace a previous description of six years earlier. He came to establish, in that occasion that this syndrome is characterized by the presence of symptomatic conditions listed in the following section.

The chronic fatigue syndrome

What’s’ intended for chronic fatigue syndrome? The chronic fatigue syndrome (known in English speaking countries such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a disease whose origins are not yet well clarified and that manifests itself in a state of prolonged fatigue (at least over 6 months and often lasting several years) often accompanied by other symptoms such as headache, a sore throat applicant, sleep disturbance, memory loss, musculoskeletal pain. Continue reading “The chronic fatigue syndrome”

Fitness for combat autumn depression

Here we go again. The days become shorter and the cold, dark, intimate but sometimes more often … depressing (let us say). Autumn can be depressing, all right! And what is the first instinct that comes when we hear the autumn depression take over our lives? Eat anything, better if you these high calorie foods, take refuge on the sofa, turn on the television, shut out the world. Letting go … how nice if we could also go into hibernation.

But no! This year try to react before the autumn depression, jumps and you try to introduce new elements in your days. Fitness, for example … Autumn is the perfect time to set in motion our bodies, toning muscles, keep your metabolism, burn excess fat. How? Enrolling in gym, and following a workout program as it should (i.e. from an instructor).

Fitness for combat

But returning to the autumn depression left me, constant physical activity is one of the natural methods-proven most effective fight-… Add to this the gym environment, usually pretty nice, and the many people that attend to exchange a few words. Continue reading “Fitness for combat autumn depression”

Get fit for summer

Get fit for summer The summer is coming, whether you like it or not, and within a few weeks we will begin to worry about our fitness, as we in bikini, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera …

But it is never too late, and since now we still really enough time to get into shape, here’s a list of practical tips for who wants to get an appointment with the summer in form if not faultless, at least almost … uh …

Get fit for summer

At the table
• Try to focus on fruits and vegetables, white meat like chicken and lean products such as yogurt and milk carefully skimmed Continue reading “Get fit for summer”

Tired, stressed out?

It happens that the daily life with its commitments, worries, stress and interfere to such an extent that negatively affect, among other things, even our personal life. And our sexual sphere. The wishes, game, fun, erotic. More and more women arrive at the end of the day and would just collapse on the sofa (in bed, might bring some strange idea to partners …) and wake up the next morning.

A sign of the times? Maybe, certainly not one of the best signs that already difficult these days leave on our lifestyle.

Tired, stressed out

If you want to try to counteract this trend, to give pleasure to life, including sex, if you want to rediscover the taste of going home and having fun with your partner as they once were, maybe there will be some useful tips that we have collected and organized in the following list. As you can see, I’m just a little tips to keep in mind for a special occasion, or to assimilate to our everyday lifestyle. You choose the ones that are best suited to your tastes and circumstances of the moment. Continue reading “Tired, stressed out?”


The ovarian cyst is a benign tumor generally. But when it turns malignant, it is an ovarian cancer. If cysts are common, fortunately cancerous tumors are rare.

1.Ovarian cysts may occur at any age
2.Overall, there are two main types of cysts:
3.Ovarian cyst: how to confirm the diagnosis?
4.What are the treatments of ovarian cyst?
5.What about ovarian cancer?
6.Cysts: beware of complications
7.A knowledge of the cysts


Ovarian cysts may occur at any age

Ovarian cysts may occur at any age and more generally at puberty and before menopause. They are often discovered during a pelvic exam or a routine pelvic ultrasound. Sometimes they appear as small pain lower abdomen (often on one side and felt during sex), irregular periods accompanied by bleeding (bleeding outside the rules) or urinary discomfort because if the cyst is large, it tends to compress the bladder and cause a feeling of heaviness. An ovarian cyst can be suspected when the start of pregnancy is delayed (it can block ovulation). A path becomes hoarse and that increases hair growth can also put on the track of a tumor. Continue reading “OVARIAN CYST … OVARIAN CANCER”


Cancers of the eye are rare cancers. The most common form in adults is melanoma of the eye. Retinoblastoma is another eye cancer that affects mainly children under 5 years.

Update on cancers of the eye.

Eye cancer: melanoma and retinoblastoma
What are the risk factors for cancers of the eye?
What are the symptoms of melanoma in the eye?
What are the symptoms of retinoblastoma?
What are the treatment of cancers of the eye?

Eye cancer: melanoma and retinoblastoma

Malignant melanoma is related to cancer cells that develop in tissues of the eyes, the iris, choroids (blood vessels and ciliary body) and the eye muscles. Continue reading “I SUFFER FROM EYE CANCER: MELANOMA AND RETINOBLASTOMA”