Natural antibiotics for defenses

The chemical antibiotics are effective drugs against bacterial infections such as pneumonia however; they do not cure infections caused by viruses such as herpes, colds and flus that are treated with antivirals. Self-medication the misuse of antibiotics, discontinuation of treatment reduces the effect of these drugs and cause bacteria to become resistant or even immune. Note that if you take them when you should not, will not make effect when you really need.


The natural medicine with plants and foods or supplements with antibacterial properties are able to stimulate our defenses by inhibiting or eliminating the growth of bad microorganisms, while respecting the good microorganisms for our body such as the intestinal flora. Thus, being natural and not damage the stomach or produce allergic reactions. The long-term efficacy of natural antibiotics could be even higher than that of chemical antibiotics as germs are unable to quickly create resistance to them. Read more »


Questions and answers that could improve your health

That is, excrement is eliminated looks normal color, blood featureless. Knowing that more than 90% of cases of cancer of the colon and rectum occur after age 50, every man and older woman older should have an annual occult blood test in the stool. This test, called FOBT (for its acronym in English) -being the Immunological Fecal Test or FIT method is very simple and can be done at home and mailed to a laboratory for processing. If the test is positive, the person should get a colonoscopy to determine the source of bleeding. If all people over 50 years we did this simple test (FOBT), deaths from colon cancer could almost disappear. At this time the cancer of the colon and rectum are the second leading cause of death by disease in the United States.


Miraculous food

Good for reducing high blood pressure, cholesterol, take care of your heart stimulate the mind among other benefits. Of course, it is possible that his mother has suffered attack celebrate transient ischemic attack TIA, its acronym in English. The strokes occur when blood flow of blood flowing through a brain artery is interrupted arterial blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to brain tissue. This interruption of flow is of two types, an obstruction plates arteriosclerosis -composed calcium and cholesterol- called stroke 80% of cases and the other by rupture of the artery, called cerebral hemorrhage 20% of cases. Read more »

How to get a physique that will challenge a movie stars

Ben Affleck is a man who seems to succeed at everything he puts his mind to. He is an award-winning actor as well as an award-winning director and screenwriter. His latest role as The Accountant hit our cinema screens mid-October and a big question on a lot of people’s lips is how has Affleck managed to nail his impressive physique yet again. Like previous films, Affleck managed to bulk himself up to an impressive degree to play the role of the muscle-bound accountant.

Despite having none of Affleck’s official training plan, MaxiNutrition has used their outstanding nutritional knowledge and great understanding of training to give you the best tips on how to get a physique that will challenge a movie stars’.

Eat like a Hollywood star

You don’t need to be earning a Hollywood wage packet to be able to afford some of the best high-quality nutrition. To get the best muscle building results, high protein and a caloric surplus is key.

The first step is to work out your calorie maintenance level, which can be done via an online calculator. This is important to gauge your manageable weight gain. Ideally, you want to add between 500-1,000 calories to your daily intake. Read more »


Healthy food happy life

These diets called intermittent fasts for example Lean gains diet 5: 2 and Eat Stop EAT recommend a series of strategies ranging from fast every other day restricting calorie intake only twice a week, and to stop eating for at least 13 hours between dinner and the dish the next day.

Proponents of these diets say that these diets can improve sleep and control sugar levels in the blood; reduce risk factors for chronic diseases such as cancer heart disease and diabetes and they can even help you enjoy a longer life. The attraction is that unlike the common diets that are followed every day diet plans halftime allow you to eat freely for a few days a week so you do not feel so restricted.


Consider the following options

With this weekly plan consume between 500 and 600 calories in two non consecutive days and take a normal diet the rest of the week. However, they did not give more weight than those who carry a normal diet. Women who continued this diet also showed higher increase in the regulation of blood glucose. Under this plan, there are holidays where you can eat whatever you want, alternating with day diet in which you consume only a maximum of 500 calories. Read more »


Floors for cold and cough

The early treatment is key to prevent colds coughs and colds take over or resulting in complications that are more serious. Here are some of the medicinal plants key to combat fever, reduce congestion and inflammation and improve the defenses natural. They work best if it is used to relax and reduce daily stress. Reduces fever of colds and flu, makes you sweat and increases the natural defenses. You can make a traditional infusion for colds combined with elder flower and peppermint it must be taken 3 times a day. Avoid if pregnant.


Garlic Garlic

It is used for all kinds of conditions pectoris, bronchitis, colds, flu, ear infections and runny nose. Add to food, take capsules or make a cough syrup. Read more »


For better brain health synchronize your biological clock

The early bird God helps can be considered a wise advice, but if your circadian rhythm -alias your watch is shifted biological may become sleepy when awake and keep awake should feel when you should be sleeping. Patterns altered sleep can lead to poor memory depression and even migraines. Here are nine ways to synchronize your biological clock.


Sunlight in the morning and enlivens the biological clock sends a strong signal to awaken the brain. Our circadian rhythm is not confined to 24-hour-actually exactly disagree as much as half an hour, so the morning light serves to synchronize your clock every day. If you cannot get out, open the blinds and turn on the lights recommends Jeanne Duffy a neuroscientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  Read more »


Home Remedies for joint pain

People suffering pain in any joint usually take often anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. However, in many cases they lose their effectiveness by continued use and have side effects especially in the digestive system. If we suffer pain chronically, there may be a relationship with the liver or kidneys. In this case, it would be important to debug these organs and then take a supplement with beneficial nutrients such as magnesium, silicon, glucosamine.


Benefits Clay

The main ingredient of this home remedy is the clay. This clay has been used since antiquity to many physical problems and even internal. The use of clay works in two directions, outward and inward. Absorbs and removes toxic particles directly through the skin, while eliminating excess fluid that cause inflammation. It provides minerals such as magnesium, silicon, iron and potassium and facilitates cell regeneration. For joint problems, we recommend using red clay, rich in iron and the most appropriate to treat the stiffness and inflammation. Read more »

Menopause relief with reflexology back

Benefits of reflex stimulation of connective tissue back for menopause. The menopause is the time when a woman spends the fertile period by not fertile lasting several years perhaps more than a decade and in that times the levels of hormone production down significantly enough to stop producing estrogen with menopause appears.

Also modify calcium retention alter mood and other phenomena. Do you know how a woman feels when you accumulate all of these symptoms and tells the doctor that is the least that careful decaling and his heart?


 Menopause relief with reflexology back

Menopause can affect long term health of women: bone decalcification, cardiovascular problems, etc. and suffer the daily annoyances caused by hormonal changes at all, emotional, physical, psychic levels. Side effects of menopause can significantly alter the quality of life of many women: hot flashes, mood changes, etc. Read more »

Remain Injury Free With Muscle Activation Techniques

Pushing your body’s limits doesn’t have to mean worrying about injuries at every obstacle, just like running a race doesn’t have to mean icing your aching knees later, and working out doesn’t have to mean pain. With the right tools and knowledge, you can train your mind and body to work smarter, in the right manner, and to avoid injury. Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a specialized method that evaluates the current state of your muscles, and pinpoints where you are most susceptible to injury so that you can stop incidents before they even occur. MAT then trains the body and mind to work together, helping you remain injury free.


Look for Muscle Activation Technique specialists near you to experience this incredible set of techniques for yourself. If you live in the Toronto region, Striation 6 is a gym that has some of the best MAT specialists in the city. These specialists work to improve reaction time and coordination through a very specific method based on neuroscience. The thought behind Muscle Activation Techniques is that the brain isn’t telling certain body parts to work properly, resulting in pain. For instance, if your nervous system has an issue “talking to” your hip flexor, it might not work properly, resulting in a sore hip. Your hip is not the problem, but the brain isn’t communicating with the flexor in the right way. The brain is designed to keep the body away from injury: it tells your body to use the strongest muscles to get things done. Problems arise because sometimes the brain gets it wrong, and it does not know that certain muscles are more compatible with the job it needs completed. By using MAT, the brain strengthens the muscles that are the most compatible with your movements, and creates a more direct path for the nervous system that controls them so that they may be completed quicker. This helps you stay away from injury, while actually performing at a higher level. Discover if you are constantly getting injured or you would simply like to prevent injuries before they happen. Read more »


How can you reduce diabetic eye pressure

All diabetic people at greater risk of developing eye diseases. Diabetics, which are common part of specific populations such as African American, Hispanic American, Native American, and the elderly, have to face an even greater risk.

Reduce Eye Pressure Diabetic

Diabetes causes vascular damage throughout the body. This is because the bloods vessels are in the eye are very small and any damage can result in a huge impact on eye health. One of the most common eye diseases related to diabetes is glaucoma. The truth is that people with diabetes have a percentage between 40 and 50 percent likely to develop glaucoma than people without diabetes. Glaucoma causes pressure in the eye gradually increases and may damage the optic nerve leading to partial or complete loss of vision. The exact mechanisms of these problems not fully understood. While there several types of glaucoma the most common is the open angle glaucoma.


The Open Angle Glaucoma in diabetics

The eye is filled with fluid that continually updated. Normally, fluid drains are at a point in the eye, the iris and cornea. Diabetic eye symptoms eye diabetes red I have diabetes and I see blurry Diabetic Retinopathy natural treatment. If this opening from where the fluid is partially blocked the fluid drains into the eye too slowly even when added again fluid. The open angle glaucoma does not cause symptoms any until the disease is already too advanced. Read more »