Tips for caring for teeth

Caring for your teeth is essential not only to enjoy good teeth, but to avoid possible gum diseases and problems related to bad dental cleaning. If you would like to know brief information about caring for teeth you could choose Dublin dentists. How many times have you heard tell your grandmother or your parents that teeth are the most important part of our body, precisely because it is for life, and because it is the part that allows us to chew the food we consume each day.

But it is also a part that we must take care of daily, since the so-called dental plaque (a thin film of bacteria that forms from the decomposition of food and beverages, among others), accumulates in the teeth, causing acids that little by little are damaging the enamel. This plaque tends to eventually cause a hole, in addition – of course – to be a potential cause of cavities.

dental-careToothpaste with fluoride

It helps prevent both the deterioration and the wear of the teeth, by having antibacterial agents that helps improve the quality of the tooth enamel on the one hand, while on the other it makes the teeth more resistant to cavities.


Although originally little used because it is often “despised”, the truth is that flossing can help a lot when it comes to taking care of teeth. It helps to eliminate foods that have been accumulating between the teeth, so it is essential to keep the mouth clean. Read more »


What’s happening with antibiotics?

New drugs are urgently needed to combat the growing threat of high-resistance bacteria, but few are in the pipeline. What is happening? In a time when great new pharmaceutical products cure some of our most deadly diseases and help us live healthier lives, the world has largely abandoned the development of some of the most needed drugs of modern medicine antibiotics.


Between the times it was discovered penicillin in 1928 and the 1970s, antibiotics 270 a solid arsenal of powerful drugs that kept at bay bacteria as almost all infections were approved. But since then, research on new antibiotics has drastically declined. The last set of truly new antibiotics to be approved was discovered more than 30 years ago says microbiologist Carolyn Shore, a Pew Charitable Trusts Project Officer on Antibiotic Resistance. At present, only five of the fifty major large pharmaceutical companies are developing new antibiotics. Read more »

All the Nutrients Your Kids Need in a Single Recipe -Banana Bread

Do we really need to feed our kids animal products in order for them to be healthy? What if your kid does not fancy eating meat at all? Can a sweet treat like banana bread be good for our fast-growing off-springs?

What we know for sure is that refined oils and simple sugars will make them fat and sick. For that reason, we need to get rid of refined vegetable oils and turn to virgin variations, like olive oil or coconut oil. These are widely available and very healthy.

Here you will find the best banana bread recipes


When it comes to sugar, I think most of us already know how bad the refined sugar is and we have already started using healthier alternatives like pure honey or pure maple syrup.

We also know that kids have to consume enough calories to aid the fast-growing process. The key nutrients that are protein, essential amino acids, iron, calcium, and essential fatty acids.

But is the main source of protein really meat? Or are omega-3 fatty acids mostly found in fish? And what about calcium? Is it only found in dairy products?

Here is how to sneak the most nutritive ingredients into your kids diet by using their favorite sweet treat.

Protein Easy Banana Bread Recipes

Kids need essential amino acids, also known as building blocks of life. Dairy and eggs are known for they high protein content

1 egg=6g. protein

6 oz. container non-fat yogurt=17g. protein

1 cup whole milk=8g. protein

Note: Make sure the dairy you put in your quick-bread (milk, yogurt, sour cream, or kefir) is raw. The pasteurized milk goes through a process of pasteurization at high temperatures, which kills most of its nutrients. Raw dairy will provide your kids with enough calcium, as well as vitamin D, both very important for the bones and muscles. Note: Make sure your kids spend enough time outdoors in order to get enough vitamin D. Read more »

woman with bare shoulders holding vegetable

Better Healthy Tips

Do you know the best time to start the bikini operation? Let us find out together with Rachel and great channel. When I was younger, I always ended up dragging my classmates to the gym. I had such a good time that in the end they also signed up.

I ate fate, I just exercised to go home, where I was not even 5 minutes, to the office and on weekends, those were the worst. Sometimes the hard knocks of life make you re-take the helm, and with the death of my father, I took refuge in the sport. That made me takes the bad thoughts out of my head. I took up the healthy life and I decided to share it because I knew I could help more people not only lose weight, especially to have a healthier life style and be a little happier.

woman with bare shoulders holding vegetable

My surprise was that the one that ended up being happier. Get up and see the comments on my YouTube channel, which is where my fans is more active has become a drug for me. For me health is always the most important and having a more beautiful body is a consequence of having a healthy lifestyle. It seems like a lie, but replace the elevator up the stairs, take advantage of dead times on the phone to walk around the house, tighten the gut while we are with the computer or the buttocks when we queue in the super do for us much more than we think. Read more »

Gain Muscle

Best Foods to Gain Muscle

Let me tell you that this is because you do not integrate the most important factors to achieve the body you want. These factors are a healthy and balanced diet at the same time that you train. For a reason we decided to show you some foods you can eat to increase the quality and quantity of your muscles without any body fat.  The plot to increase muscle mass without gaining also fat or not fat is mainly in what you eat.

Gain Muscle

The amount as well as the quality of calories you eat should be greater than those you burn. That is the rule par excellence. If you consume the calories correctly, you will get your muscles hypertrophied giving you a more muscular look I do not want to say fatter. In addition, the goal is to consume daily a surplus of 300-500 calories in protein about 2 grams per kilo of weight carbohydrates (3-4 grams per kilo of weight), and unsaturated fats correct.  You should eat about 5 to 6 times daily so that in this way the blood glucose level remains stable. Read more »


What is your goal to feed you healthier?

From the point of view of psychology, humans tend to do what we popularly call blur and new account that is, start over. Temporary frames like birthdays, city changes and the New Year is excellent opportunities to experience a change of life in every way. Although statistics reveal that only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are fully met the reality is that there is so much you can do to be successful and not become part of this data. Have you ever wondered what makes you so hard to achieve your resolutions every year? To fulfill a purpose is necessary to create a habit otherwise each action in the direction to achieve it will represent an effort? If we make it a habit, we will do it as naturally as brush our teeth or bathe.


Become a member of today and get access to benefits information and exclusive discounts. If your purpose for this coming year is to feed more healthfully, for example I warn you are too broad and unclear as to being able to fully complete purpose. Hence, I suggest, within that category, to choose eight concrete actions that will lead you to achieve your goal and not only this year but probably for the rest of your life. Read more »


FDA ruling would allow sale of counter hearing aids

During a special announcement the FDA Food and Drug Administration said that with immediate entry into force, no longer be required people get a medical checkup before buying most hearing aids. Do you like what you are reading? Receive similar content direct to your email.


Loss of hearing

The announcement was made at a public meeting of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. Prior recommendations from this group, as well as a White House advisory panel on science and technology, and some groups of consumers and audiologists have strongly suggested removing this restriction as long as the hearing aids are more affordable and accessible. Read more »


How Medical Emergencies Changed with Obamacare

Gives people a greater variety of hospital options than they had when they were uninsured, a new study suggests. People often choose hospitals closer to home, the researchers report. The study uses data from two hospital systems that are owned by investors to see if the expansion of Medicaid in 2014 offered under the Act Care Affordable (Affordable Care Act, ACA), often known as Obama care, Affected the use of the emergency department.


The new analysis focused on whether the expansion of insurance altered or not the place where people came for care. He did not observe the amount of care received whether the care was adequate or the quality of care. By expanding Medicaid, it potentially extended access to affordable care to a wider variety of centers said study author John Graves, assistant professor of health policy at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville Tennessee. Read more »


Symptoms of gluten intolerance

Celiac disease, wheat allergy and sensitivity to non-celiac gluten can cause similar symptoms, but have different implications for your health. We have already spoken before of what is gluten.  The celiac gluten sensitivity not only is diagnosed after celiac disease and wheat allergy are discarded.


Many people experience digestive problems and health hazards caused by eating gluten or wheat, so if you or your child are experiencing an intolerance to gluten or wheat there are three different medical conditions that could explain what is happening: allergy wheat, celiac disease or celiac gluten sensitivity not. Read more »


Do not be fooled with health insurance

People who already have health insurance should not allow automatic renewal without finding out what it will cost that policy in 2017 and whether they will have the same benefits. It may be that the insurance you bought last year will no longer be the cheapest or have the same coverage from January. There are unscrupulous insurance agents who are calling people to renew or sell a health insurance without clarifying the policy rises in price in January. Nor they say the plan changed and the deductible, for example, is higher, or that the insured will pay more copayment.


In the state of Florida, there are insurers who were promoted last year with the cheapest coverage. But now, by 2017, their premiums which the insured pays for month- are more expensive. Other companies changed or eliminated their plans or are no longer in the market, and consumers do not know. Before choosing or renewing health insurance, it is important to learn and ask asked what the hospitals where they will be able to assist you are. Compare quality. Read more »