Benefits of eating healthy

Are you following a healthy diet? There are many benefits of eating healthy and everyone should try to eat a variety of foods daily nutrition. Healthy eating prevents diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. A healthy well balanced diet and also gives your body more energy, helps you feel better and helps keep you fit. Anyone can eat healthy if you concentrate on it. This simply involves making some gradual changes and replacing foods in your regular pattern. There are a few things you must do to eat healthy every day.

Benefits of eating healthy


Visit your doctor to discuss your food choices. Your doctor may recommend some appropriate food for you based on your current health status, your personal goals and needs. The doctor can also help you develop a healthy diet plan based on the Food Guide Pyramid. Continue reading “Benefits of eating healthy”

Healthy eating in the restaurant Uno Chicago Grill

You can visit this restaurant, order takeout and arrange to pick up the food at locations throughout the United States . They also have a menu online for easy ordering. Follow the tips below to healthy eating at Uno Chicago Grill.


Order one of the many items offered at Uno Chicago Grill restaurant that has less than 500 calories. The chicken and lettuce wrap, an entry only has 140 calories and 7 grams of fat per serving and has 3 servings per order. The house salad with grilled chicken only has 250 calories and 5 grams of fat. The grilled chicken sandwich has only 440 calories and 10 grams of fat. The vegetable soup only has 120 calories and is fat-free; Grilled shrimp BBQ have 250 calories and only 2 grams of fat.

Healthy eating

Eat some of the things offered by Uno Chicago Grill that are low in sodium. Some of these options include lettuce wraps and chicken only have 320 mg of sodium, Filet Mignon with only 450 mg of sodium and Mahi-mahi with 400 mg of sodium. Some low sodium side dishes include steamed vegetables and roasted with 80 and 115 mg, respectively, with 65 mg asparagus and brown rice 85. Continue reading “Healthy eating in the restaurant Uno Chicago Grill”

How have trays of food to eat with hand

Be creative to have food to eat with hand on trays. Guests will appreciate the time and effort put into the presentation . Keep your guests happy and coming back looking for more, with a variety of trays of food to eat with perfectly manicured hands.


Find the correct food tray.
Find great trays where between the chosen food. Consider food tray cover with paper doily cheeses, breads or desserts. Use lettuce to line tray for wet foods like meats, fruits or vegetables skewers. Find pre-decorated and lined in party supply stores trays.

 trays of food

Pre-made sandwiches can be stacked or aligned in a circle.
Choose a variety of foods to eat with your hands to display in the trays. Put small cocktail sandwiches with toothpicks to hold them together. Arrange sandwiches, mini hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken wings on the outside of the tray-shaped loop . Place one or more spices in bowls through the food tray. Continue reading “How have trays of food to eat with hand”

The best foods to eat to heal cuts and scars

The best foods to eat that can help heal cuts and scars will be high in antioxidants experts report from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Antioxidants contain properties that help reduce inflammation and regenerate skin. Eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods can help speed up the process of recovery. In addition to eating beneficial foods, you can cook with oils that promote health to help the appearance of the skin.

best foods to eat

Foods rich in vitamin C
Vitamin C, according to experts at the NIH is “essential for the healing of wounds.” All fruits and vegetables contain some level of this vitamin. People have to include a variety of foods that are rich in it, because their bodies do not produce or store. There are several foods rich in vitamin C to help heal wounds and scars. Fruits are rich in vitamin C. In particular, according to Nutrition Data, are all types of berries. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries (red and black varieties) and marionberries are examples. Other good sources of vitamin C are cantaloupe, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, mango and citrus. Citrus fruits include oranges , limes, lemons and grapefruits. Continue reading “The best foods to eat to heal cuts and scars”

How to train the brain to chronic pain

With meditation, guided imagery and hypnosis you can reduce stress and focus your mind away from the hassles. These alternative methods have crossed into mainstream medicine as effective ways to manage chronic pain without drugs. The techniques are simple to explain, but it may seem hard to do at first. In meditation, for example, you concentrate on one sound or thought, while blocking all others is harder than it looks.

block pain



In meditation, breathe slowly and deeply and focus on a single action.
Meditation is used to calm the mind by removing a torrent of thoughts and by focusing on one thing: breathing in and out, a sound like “om”, a short wish blessings to the world or the numbers 1 through 9 timed according to the breath. Sit in a quiet and comfortable place with no distractions. Close your eyes. Choose a focal point and think only of that. Breathe slowly and deeply. As other thoughts appear, but realize your center again. The longer the better meditation, but five minutes is fine for a beginner. Meditation should be done every day and it will become easier to block out the world, to reduce pain and stress and gain a sense of well being. Continue reading “How to train the brain to chronic pain”

How to use a mantra

Life can be busy even chaotic at times, and for this reason can seem impossible to find time to meditate. If you can find 15 minutes or more to meditate, find at least part of your day to fill with peace and quiet. Add the use of a mantra can make this part of your day even more beneficial, since the mantra is a very personalized form of meditation.


A traditional Buddhist mantra is “Om mani padme hum”.
Memorize your mantra. You can use as a traditional Buddhist mantra “Om mani padme hum”. You may prefer to sing a mantra that is simply a sound that creates a vibration as “Aum”. You can also use a phrase that is personal and will help, like “I’ll be good for me today. ” As the use of mantras is a form of meditation, it is a personal experience, so you must use the mantra that works best for you.

use a mantra

Your quiet should be anywhere that you find peace and tranquility.
Find a place to wear your mantra. Find a place where you can be still and quiet for 30 minutes , or as much as you can in a given time. Early morning or late at night when others are asleep, it may work better for you. To use your mantra more effectively, you should avoid being disturbed. Continue reading “How to use a mantra”

Mantras inspiring weight loss

A mantra is a phrase that a person is repeated aloud or silently to herself with the aim of helping to achieve something. In other words, a mantra is a positive way to verbalize what you want. For weight loss, an inspirational mantra can help you stay on track and focus on the positive instead of thinking negative.

Positive examples
Always express your mantras at the present time. So, instead of saying “I’ll be able to fit into size 6 clothes in a few months,” say “I look good in my size 6 clothes.” You can use very specific mantras, as the previous example, or you can say something more general, like “All my clothes fit perfectly on my thin body beautiful”. You can even be more general saying: “I do not just look good and feel good, I am also healthy and fit, with a lot of energy.”

weight loss

Overcoming Negativity
According to cognitive psychology, we create the problems we experience in life because we believe things that are not true. For example, you might think you do not have the willpower to succeed on a diet. However, you can counteract this cognitive challenge by stating “I’ve been able to keep my diet for 21 days, and I can keep doing it.” You could also believe that you can not stand being hungry. You could overcome this thought by saying: “My hunger is only temporary, and I can eat something healthy like fruit or raw vegetables to feel better.” Another common problem of dieters is the idea that they can not stick with a diet for a long period of time. To combat this thought, you just tell yourself that you just have to eat this way today. Use this same statement every day, and be able to stick with your diet for the rest of your life. Continue reading “Mantras inspiring weight loss”

Meditation techniques of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, one of the best names in martial arts, was a staunch advocate of meditation. His philosophy of meditation, in his own words, was “Empty your mind, do not be so, have no body. Like water If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, if you put it in a bottle, becomes the bottle, if you put it in a teapot, teapot is. Water can flow and beat. Be water, my friend “. In kung fu , development is thought so important internal and external.
Meditation technique of Bruce Lee

Meditation technique
The meditation technique of Bruce Lee is known as qigong, chi kung also called, which turns on the concept of chi, which is believed to be the universal energy, or what Bruce Lee called “vital force.” In meditation, chi spans every part of the body through breathing exercises and slow, graceful movements that involve the whole body, thus to develop the inner strength and mental focus.


The most common meditation exercise is by respiration. Empty your mind of all thoughts and focus on the chi. The process is done by inhaling and exhaling, and holding my breath. When you inhale, the language should be lifted to the upper palate, and when you exhale, the language should be in its normal position. First, you have to inhale and visualize the chi entering your head and down to below your navel, and then exhale while visualizing the chi increase in the navel area. It is an iterative process that’s been about 10 minutes a day to increase the “life force” in your mind and your body.


One of his meditation techniques is the “Circle of Fear”, in which you view one circle surrounding you, and the distance from the circle around you is the one with your leg when you give a side kick. This technique helps you to control your fear, because anything that matters to a person, a thing or a situation, while outside the circle, you are safe from it.

Why is it important
Meditation is important in martial arts because it helps improve personal discipline. Because it promotes self through intense concentration and the ability to listen to your inner self as you can see at once what is happening around you, it is considered very important and an instrument for great martial arts skills.


The qigong is also known to prevent and cure diseases, based on traditional Chinese beliefs. Additionally, this particular type of meditation helps reduce stress effectively, because it decreases the production of cortisol, the hormone that produces stress and lactate blood , which is responsible for feelings of anxiety.

What is HIV positive?

First, there is a distinction between HIV and AIDS. Most people think of it as one and the same; however, are two separate entities. HIV refers to the human immunodeficiency virus, while AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a disease, while HIV is the virus that causes the disease. A positive HIV test does not mean you have AIDS. HIV attacks the T cells, which are like the infantry of the army, the army of your immune system. The T cells fight all kinds of infections, and if inhibited, infections will invade and thrive in your body, resulting in the diagnosis of AIDS.

HIV positive

Who gets HIV?
There are many ways of contracting HIV and many ways to not get it too. You can not get it hugging an infected person, holding hands, or being in a gated community with a person who has HIV area. You can get HIV by having unprotected sex with an infected person. EL HIV is not visible, so in the absence of a blood test showing negative results, there is no way to know if a person is HIV positive. Continue reading “What is HIV positive?”

Possible Cure HIV

The researchers worldwide, working privately and with government support, are looking forward in the treatment of HIV, is the virus that can lead to AIDS. However, it is important to understand that such advances will occur slowly and cure of HIV is probably not a reality in the near future. Viruses are difficult to eradicate, and the hope of a vaccine may be the next big breakthrough in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Cure for AIDS

Advances in treatment
Recent years have seen a proliferation of new drugs that stop HIV in different ways with respect to their predecessors and offer hope to people who have developed other anti-retroviral drug resistance. These include fusion inhibitors that prevent HIV to fuse with host cells; antagonistic co-receptors of chemokines, which bind a co-receptor for HIV to white blood cells; incorporation inhibitors which interrupt the integration function (HIV enzyme uses to integrate its genetic information into the host cell). While these medications offer improved treatment for many people, no antiretroviral drugs can cure HIV. Continue reading “Possible Cure HIV”