How to relieve lower back pain

One of the most common conditions is the back pain and particularly in the lower area. This condition can be caused by various reasons such as herniated discs , pinched nerves, weight lifting incorrectly, bad posture, etc … See some alternative remedies to surgery or drugs Easing the lower back pain.


One of the main ways to relieve lower back pain is massaging the painful area . We can get massages ourselves, but is best done by someone else and, whenever possible, a professional to avoid further injury.

relieve lower back pain

Another way to relieve the painful area is using lumbar pillows . They are small pillows that are placed in the curve of the back when we sit in a chair. Thanks to them we can keep the back in the correct position. Read more »

Relieving pain middle back

Normally back pain in the middle zone is produced by a muscle imbalance between the muscles found in the chest and back. We also give some home remedies that can undo the pain that you have in your middle back. Read carefully.

·         Preventing back pain in the middle

Usually pain in the middle of the back are from a vice or bad habit acquired by sitting, usually at work, so we must have a correct posture when sitting , especially particularly careful. We sit with the spine straight and against the backrest of the chair. The shoulders should be parallel to the frontal plane, keeping your torso straight. The arms should form a 90 degree angle at the elbow with the forearm. It is advisable to let the hands relaxed.

pain middle back

·         Exercises to improve middle back

Often hurts us back and we think it’s a problem in that area , but usually is not because the pain is radiating from problems in the area of strengthening your belly or abdomen, so a good way to improve the back is working part of the belly of our body and notice in the picture and see what exercises are best suited. Read more »

5 Steps to lose weight before bedtime

Lose weight before bedtime is possible? I know, it seems illogical but it is definitely possible. This time I’ll bring 5 Steps to lose weight. If you do not have the money or time to go to a gym, what you can do to try not to “win kilos more” is sleep properly, this can help you avoid gaining excess weight and over time, lose weight; but you must also apply these steps, just follow them and put them into practice, you will quickly see the changes.

Steps to lose weight


1. Light Dinner

The dinner is very important, try to consume your portions in small quantities. If you eat a lot at dinner, only they will achieve that calories are stored in adipose tissue, obtaining the opposite effect and gaining more fat. You must dine two hours before bedtime, so that digestion is correct, and thus our body glucose used in the processes that take place during the time of sleep is assimilated. Read more »

5 Things every house and could cause cancer

Today it seems that all chemicals on which we hear are somehow related to cancer. We are inundated with so many frightening reports, which simply do not know in what to believe and what not. The truth is I just do not know how harmful that some things can be, so the best we can do is be aware of what science tells us, and make our best decisions based on that information. These are the things that are in every house and could cause cancer .

cause cancer

  1. Antibacterial soap

It has been found that triclosan, an active ingredient in antibacterial soap causes hepatic fibrosis and cancer in mice, which system is similar to humans. Researchers at San Diego School of Medicine , University of California, say that there are negative consequences for long-term exposure to triclosan. Read more »

How to lose weight in a week

We all know that the best way to lose weight is to change our lifestyles: changing our eating habits and detach the chair to do some physical activity. But there are times when we need to get faster results. If this is your situation, this issue will give you the solution, and show you how to lose weight in a week , without starving and without depriving yourself of any food group. Are you ready?


# 1 Drink lots of water

When we start a diet, we tend to focus mainly on what we eat, not what we drink. This is a mistake: the drinks may be able to deliver as many calories as solid foods. Therefore, instead of taking sugary sodas, fruit juices or soft drinks, drinking water . This has no calories, nor significant amounts of sodium that make you retain fluids. If this option you very bland, you can try adding a few drops of lemon or mint leaves.

lose weight

# 2 No commas or white bread, no pasta


In addition, these nutrients are digested very quickly and do not satisfy our appetite. This fact encourages us to overeat. Therefore, eliminate these foods from your diet for a week .

Instead, eat fruits and vegetables. Use your creativity, creating new recipes and less caloric: turns the chicken sandwich chicken salad. These measures will keep you satiated for longer, because the vegetables are great carriers of complex carbohydrates and these take much longer to be digested. As if this were not enough, vegetables contain lots of water and will help to eliminate fluid retention . What more can you ask?


# 3 Shooting coffee and cardio beam


An hour before the first movement, a cup of coffee -you can add a little skim milk, if decease-. This drink will give you more energy to face physical activity in the best way possible.


This type of exercise will speed up your heart rate, get to work all your muscles and make you burn many calories . With cardio exercises , you’ll lose between 200 and 300 calories while you tone up your body. If you want to maximize the benefits of this activity intervals different beam intensities.


No. 4 Ponte top

When you make love with your partner, get up. This position is a great ally to burn fat , it assumes that you do the whole movement. This is simple: the more active you are, the more calories you burn-in 30 minutes, more than 140-.

In addition, sex elevate levels of endorphins. These neurotransmitters make us feel good and appease the frequency and intensity of cravings.


No. 5 Sleeps 30 minutes

You will be surprised to experience the power they have 30 minutes of rest. This measure will make you make better food choices. You will not have to resort to sugary foods for energy and drowsiness remain in the past. If you can sleep 7 to 8 hours better, because this habit speed up your metabolism.


Try to implement these tips to lose weight in a week . If you have determination, in a week you will lose 2 kilos without damaging your health. Be prepared: a better version of yourself waiting.

Getting waist easily

One of the best ways to reduce the waist easily is to use the treadmill. This way you not only will strengthen the muscles but also will be increasing your aerobic capacity. According to recent studies, to use it for 45 minutes you will burn 200 to 450 calories. If you do not have a treadmill and do not resort to a gym, you can go jogging somewhere that you like and even get together with friends to do so.

If you first start running and get tired too, you can try the following: walk for two minutes brisk Do three minutes of running, take a minute to recover and repeat. Over time you will see that you will not need rest because your body will get used.

waist easily

Spinning exercises

Another way to get waist is doing different exercises of rotation with which you can burn up to 580 calories per 45 minutes of physical activity.  To do so position yourself standing with legs and keep your arms in front of you as if you took the pose using boxers. Begin turning the torso to the right twice and the third time lift your left knee. Changes direction and legs and repeat this exercise 12 times, ie 6 each side. Read more »

3 ways to reduce facial fat

This can be a situation that often occur to many women, regardless of the genetic condition or the overall shape of his encounter (square, oval, pear-shaped or even round), which seem completely not able to eliminate the slightly curved shape that acquires the face. Even girls who’ve experienced medium to large weight reduction, complain that the answers are not made so evident in this region of the body.

To your good good fortune today, we provide you with a focus on expert advice that will help you know different article for methods to reduce facial fat. Exactly what factors cause it? Exactly what could we do? In the following paragraphs we have 3 much more useful tips and generally fix most cases.

facial fat

1. Fight retention

You need to keep yourself informed that the consumption of things like sugar, alcohol and salt tend to be your greatest enemies within the fight against fluid preservation. Expert weight loss Sue DeCotiis said use of these substances leads to fluid retention within the tissues of all leather which, of course, the face isn’t any exception. We recommend closely monitor what we should consume, reading product labels and choosing those low in sugar. We also advised to drink lots of water a day. The reason why? When our bodies get accustomed to working with little drinking water, it starts retaining water we consume like a preventive measure against dehydration. Read more »

How do the diet for two days

Try doing the dietary plan of the two nights, a method that is founded on dieting only half enough time! Do not you realize? Then find out straight away what it is.

What exactly is the diet for a couple of days? It is to accomplish some fasting, but the advantage is that no hold continuously every evening, but is made about alternate days.

This diet is made by Dr. Krista Varady, research and testing have got yielded truly effective results for slimming down, but so have gone to lower cholesterol without losing muscles. People who have done the dietary plan two days have also was able to change eating habits, taking on more healthful.

diet for two days

The diet with the two days is effective because another day 500 calories ingested, and after those two days returning to eating normally, but always without excesses (that is area of the secret); in this manner will eventually shed weight without suffering significant deprivation with regards to what food is involved. Read more »

Weird Tips to Weight Lose operating

Watch the strange weight lose tips that we offer today; The good news is that they have side effects, so you can start to try them immediately, however rare they may seem.

Rare tricks to lose kilos

1 # Lose weight praying

You will look like a joke, but some people get it; the explanation given by scientists is that praying there are 4 areas of the brain that are modified and with them the result occurs, these are:

  • Limbic System
  • Parietal lobe
  • Frontal Lobe
  • Anterior cingulate

Weight Lose

2 # Heed Confucius

Dan Buettner of National Geographic , went on a mission to northern Okinawa, Japan, where a civilization before eating remembered a proverb dating back 3000 years old; which recalls that when the stomach is full at 80% should stop eating; something said by Confucius. You can do it too! Read more »

Tips for choosing the professional alternative medicine

Choose a professional alternative therapies can be difficult, especially if it is the first time you are going to enter this type of treatment. To find out what things you should consider when choosing a professional alternative medicine, do not stop reading the following article.

No. 1 Ask your doctor or the place where you you attend

Many doctors know different specialists in alternative medicine and orientation on the subject. The same applies in the case of centers for health and hospitals, as usually have a special area for this type of medicine, whether concerned acupuncture, massage therapy or acupuncture.

alternative medicine

# 2 See Internet

Internet is a great source of information. Look for associations that gather alternative medicine professionals and on different pages you will find listings with accredited professionals such practices. Read more »