How to install your own bar to lift logs with arms

The bars for trunk lift with arms at home are a way to challenge yourself and accelerate your training without having to go to the gym. You can buy that fit over the door frame, but can have a high cost in relation to their usefulness and do not always fit perfectly. The design of these bars is easy to copy. An alternative to the option of buying one of these bars is to make your own quickly and easily, with a more cost-utility and fits perfectly.

lift with arms



Measure the door frame carefully. Make sure the PVC pipe pieces fit perfectly. You may have to adjust the lengths of the pipes to the dimensions of the door frame where you place the bar. The key measures need are internal clear width of the frame, frame width and height of the molding above the top of the frame.

Plan your design and manufacturing before you start to cut and assemble. The basic design of these rods is a piece of tube-shaped bracket connected to a long bar is wider than the door frame. Two horizontal tubes are connected through the doorway and make angles of 90 degrees to connect to a second structure in the form of parentheses T equipped with two plugs that hold it in place on the top molding of the frame of the door. You should do a drawing of this structure to make sure the pieces fit properly during assembly.
Begin to build the bar. PVC tubes 2 inches long are connected to the plugs T, elbows 90 degrees and ends plugs. Two of the plugs used for connecting T longest bar to the rest of the structure, the two tubes fit 3.5 inches long on each end and at its top colócales two ends plugs. Assemble each piece carefully and glue with PVC glue. If you want you can do the assembly to dry without using glue, to make sure the parts fit and connect properly. If you need to make adjustments, cuts the tubes using a cutting PVC.

Install plugs in the two tubes T 8 inches long. These connect the long bar across the doorway. Install two 90 degree bends in pipes 8 inches long and then fit the two 10-inch at the other end of the elbow.

Connects the two bends and the two tubes of 2 inches from the ends of tubes 10 inches. Fits tubes 2 inches with the two remaining connecting plugs T bar 14 inches to act as the rear support of the structure. Installed and connected, the plugs T hold the structure in place above the frame and from the other side of the door. Hanging rod for lifting trunk with arms through the gate so that the corks T maintain the structure in place on the door frame on one side, and the longest bar on the other, fit snugly the doorframe.