Obligate home health care agencies

Under the most comprehensive review of the rules governing home health care agencies in nearly 30 years, they will be required to be more receptive to the needs of patients and their caregivers.

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The federal regulations published in January 2017, specify the conditions under which 12,600 health care agencies in homes can participate in Medicare. Through these government programs, these agencies serve more than 5 million seniors and young adults with disabilities. These regulations greatly strengthen patients rights and require caregivers to be informed and involved in the care plans of their loved ones.

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These are real improvements said senior legislative representative. Home health agencies are also expected to coordinate all services that patients receive and to ensure that treatment regimens are explained in a clear and timely manner.

The new rules will take effect in July, but may be delayed while President Donald Trump’s administration reviews regulations that have been drafted, or those that have been finalized but have not yet been implemented. The estimated cost of implementation that the home health agencies will assume is: $ 293 million the first year and $ 234 million a year thereafter.

While industry lobbying could derail regulations or send, they back to the negotiating table that is not expected to happen, as there was a substantial consensus on the content. Most likely, a delay in implementation date which several groups in this industry plan to apply. There are a lot of good things about these regulations.

If the agencies need another six or 12 months to prepare, let’s do it because we all want to do this right. The health services at home under Medicare are available for seniors or young adults with disabilities who are home bound and have certified by a doctor for intermittent skilled nursing or therapy, need often after replacement Hip, heart attack or stroke.