Do not be fooled with health insurance

People who already have health insurance should not allow automatic renewal without finding out what it will cost that policy in 2017 and whether they will have the same benefits. It may be that the insurance you bought last year will no longer be the cheapest or have the same coverage from January. There are unscrupulous insurance agents who are calling people to renew or sell a health insurance without clarifying the policy rises in price in January. Nor they say the plan changed and the deductible, for example, is higher, or that the insured will pay more copayment.


In the state of Florida, there are insurers who were promoted last year with the cheapest coverage. But now, by 2017, their premiums which the insured pays for month- are more expensive. Other companies changed or eliminated their plans or are no longer in the market, and consumers do not know. Before choosing or renewing health insurance, it is important to learn and ask asked what the hospitals where they will be able to assist you are. Compare quality.

Find out what the final cost of the policy from 2017.

What is deductible and how much are copayments a medical consultation and a laboratory, for example. How much covers the purchase of medicines. There are policies with cheap raw, but when buying medicines you pay the percentage is very high. Doctors who visits or your personal physician, are covered by the plan?  Find out which network of doctors and providers who have your health insurance. Where they are located?

The issue of insurance can be confusing, but Doctor offers educational articles, expert answers, frequently asked questions about the law, a glossary of terms on the functioning of insurance calculators to figure out what the government financial aid or which health plan is best suited for each individual or family. Thanks to these online tools, it is easier to compare health plans, understand the benefits and differences of each plan.