Natural tranquilizer for insomnia and stress

All adults have faced anxiety or distress and we have seen the need of a tranquilizer the minor tranquilizers are often the alternative, especially Benedictines. In a post we want to recommend some flowers and plants that can be the alternative to drugs for producers the tranquility you need. The anxiety can be counterproductive for their side effects and should be prescribed with many considerations to give the patient the anxiety suitable for each patient, so we invite you not test the natural remedies that you can easily find in markets and nurseries.


We recommend you use the leaves or flowers as fresh as possible, although also can be used dry plant the last resort and teas packed in sachets. In a pint of boiling water, pour 2 tablespoons of fresh or 1 orange blossoms orange blossoms dry warm takes an hour before bedtime. One cup of boiled water for one tablespoon of flower and leaves boil 3 minutes more 3 rest and take it with dinner. One cup of boiled water with 2 teaspoons fresh or dried lime boils 3 minutes, rest 3 minutes. Take it during breakfast and dinner.


In half a liter of water, pour 2 teaspoons of valerian fresh or dried, boil 4 minutes, rests 4 and take on the breakfast and the dinner. Boil half a liter of water put 1 teaspoon fresh or dry grass 2 grass boil 5 minutes stand 3 takes breakfast and dinner


Boil water and pour the equivalent of 10 medium sheets (3cm long) or if it is dry 2 teaspoons remove and rest 5 minutes. Take breakfast and dinner. The night before leaves steeping orange blossoms in 1 cup water morning preparing another cup with peppermint and put a boil then add the orange blossoms soaked with the water boil 5 minutes 3 more rests. Take breakfast and dinner.

Another important tip: When you finish boiling tea, remove the plants to avoid it make stronger and prepared tea at the time in that it will take to with this avoid is modifying its flavor. When you feel anxious, headache, perhaps not wanting to get up you have no appetite, or some similar symptoms thinks for a moment I take at least 30 days with these discomforts, to confirm perhaps you are going through a depression. Before going to the doctor you can try any of these simple remedies, perhaps you feel better. If not go to the doctor, you trust and do not forget to list all your symptoms, which are very important in determining your health luck.