Multiple myeloma or Kahler’s disease is a malignant bone tumor, bone cancer so … It originates from the bone marrow cells, which produce blood cells.

-Multiple myeloma, a bone cancer
-Multiple myeloma is a rare cancer
-How does one realize the diagnosis of multiple myeloma?
-The treatment of multiple myeloma


Multiple myeloma, a bone cancer

This disease is one of bone cancers. It is caused by a malignant proliferation of plasma cells (or plasma cells). Plasma cells are blood cells that specialize in the manufacture of antibodies. Produced in excess and abnormally shaped, they invade the bone marrow and tend to take the place of healthy blood cells. In parallel, plasma cells secrete substances that are gradually causing a destruction of bone tissue. For antibodies (proteins M), being produced by abnormal cells, they are ineffective, which increases the risk of infection. In addition, more difficult to remove, they tire more kidneys.

Multiple myeloma is a rare cancer

Multiple myeloma usually develops in people older than 60 years. Its causes remain unknown to date. It is most often discovered as a result of bone pain and unexplained rebels, fractures, recurrent infections, anemia, etc.. Without treatment, myeloma continues to evolve, increasing bone breakdown and increases the risk of fracture called spontaneous, that is to say without trauma. The destruction also causes an increased release of calcium (hypercalcemia). The antibodies produced in excess can accumulate in the kidney and induce renal failure. Meanwhile, production of other blood cells can be disrupted and cause of such anemia.

How does one realize the diagnosis of multiple myeloma?

The diagnosis of multiple myeloma requires three exams: Research in the blood of excess of a particular type of antibody, reflecting the proliferation of plasma cells, a bone marrow aspiration to visualize the plasma and an x-ray view of osgraphiepour areas of bone destruction, typically round shapes.

The treatment of multiple myeloma

Treatment consists of chemotherapy with the objective of halting the proliferation of plasma cells. Age of the subject, it can be very intensive and simultaneous use of several drugs (chemotherapy). One can also use a stem cell transplant bone marrow. The transplanted cells usually come from the patient himself, taken before chemotherapy and treated to eradicate myeloma before being replanted. More rarely, they were donated stem cells from a healthy person. Monitoring is to monitor the level of antibodies in blood and urine, blood calcium, kidney function and bone health by radio. Quaaludes changes lifestyle practices are useful as a physical activity to prevent damage bone. But proper hydration to help the kidneys to function as best as possible and avoiding gathering places to escape the infectious diseases…