Menopause relief with reflexology back

Benefits of reflex stimulation of connective tissue back for menopause. The menopause is the time when a woman spends the fertile period by not fertile lasting several years perhaps more than a decade and in that times the levels of hormone production down significantly enough to stop producing estrogen with menopause appears.

Also modify calcium retention alter mood and other phenomena. Do you know how a woman feels when you accumulate all of these symptoms and tells the doctor that is the least that careful decaling and his heart?


 Menopause relief with reflexology back

Menopause can affect long term health of women: bone decalcification, cardiovascular problems, etc. and suffer the daily annoyances caused by hormonal changes at all, emotional, physical, psychic levels. Side effects of menopause can significantly alter the quality of life of many women: hot flashes, mood changes, etc.

With the stimulation of the connective tissue of the back according to the techniques of Elizabeth Dicker and Dr. significantly improve the functions organic both physical and emotional, appreciating from the first sessions results. Softer or minimal hot flashes increased mental agility and zest for life more things available for less pain etc. In addition very importantly no side effects and is compatible with any treatment.


Hormonal changes that occur during menopause can be compensated for with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but significantly increases the risk of breast cancer, or a heart attack, so that alternative therapies offer a wide range of opportunities with a slight change of habits can provide you with a better quality of life:

Continued exercises: Do them every day, if it rains take the umbrella, if it ‘s cold sheltered salt, it does not need great efforts, swimming or hiking are excellent hiking for the weekend great.

Regular hours daily for lunch and rest

Come frugal, the last at 20:00 and do not stay up late at 23:00 in bed if you remain outstanding tasks, tomorrow you will. Adequate rest and have restarted to start the day energies. Keeping the mind in continuous training (lectures, activities, challenges, lessons learned) do not forget, the brain is like a muscle and you have to exercise it , develops working it , but it is much more: the mind is our projection into the future, where we create the first reality.

Ways to combat the effects of menopause

In addition, reflexology, stimulating the reflexes of the endocrine system glands responsible for the good organic operation and the reflections of the liver, pancreas, spleen producers of many vital substances for health, with reflexology contributes to normalization providing considerable physical stability and mitigating the autonomic symptoms: hot flashes, urinary incontinence, hypertension, vaginal discharge, osteoporosis, etc. to