Men, women uneven before depression

At the time of parity, equality of the sexes… of American researchers tried whether the events promoting depression were the same for men and women. Results: if women are more sensitive to the problems of their family circle, men appear to be more difficulties to live a separation or professional difficulties.

All latitudes, women are more prone to depression than men. A factor that intrigues long specialists and remains poorly understood. Is the second sex life more difficult? What is the role of the social environment?

Men, women

To answer these questions, the team of Dr. Kenneth s. Lender studied for ten years, in the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Virginia and the Institute of Psychiatry and behavioral genetics of Richmond, 5,000 pairs of variable sex twins born between 1934 and 1974. For this purpose, these twins were interviewed four times by professionals during this decade of investigation.

Men focus more attention to their work, the women in their families

This work, whose results are to be published* leads to interesting conclusions. First, it confirms a risk of depression in women (probability multiplied by 2.2 to men in pairs of twins of the same sex and 1.4 for sex). But brothers and sisters had indeed raised in the same family and at the same time, more since it was twins.

Expressionless, the twins responses reveal that women are not more subject to stress factors, which could trigger the blues, men. In fact, disruptive events differ from one sex to the other. Men describe rather facts in connection with the loss of a job, professional concerns, or even a flight or judicial or legal concerns. Their sisters more frequently cited difficulties of housing problems with their families, the loss of a dear friend, or the occurrence of health problems in more distant their Entourage members.

Women are not more sensitive to stress

Another important fact: instead of that other authors have observed in various studies, women did not react to these potentially depressing events than men. In reality, there also when they develop a depression, they do not in the same circumstances as in the other sex. Men seem particularly vulnerable to marital separation or divorce, an element which could explain the mortality excess well known among widowers to K.S. Kendler. They also often ill respond to the hassle of professional. The women “depress” more readily in response to problems encountered by their loved ones.

Another explanation to find

All this is well. But, this does not explain why women are often more black mood than men. Where therefore is the key, since apparently the stressful life events are not involved? In the hormones, brain n euro mediators, genetics? Case to follow…