Losing weight

A question of you head weights every day to find that, despite all your efforts, the weight increase instead of decrease? Frequent the gym three times a week but the rolls on the sides are more and more instead of less? renounce all the sins of the throat but your pants are always too tight? So, maybe the problem is another: the head.

More and more nutritionists and doctors say that losing weight is not only a question of ‘physical’, but that weight loss also has a lot to do with our mood. If you want to get results, obviously not just take the stairs instead of daily or regularly attend an aerobics class.


To lose weight you must feel good. It seems a contradiction, because we often lose weight because we do not feel good, precisely because of those chalets too. But on the other hand this also shows just how closely the interaction between body and mind. Body and mind, inseparably linked.

And we all know something. Who would not have noticed it is much easier to follow a diet when you feel good when you are convinced of what you are doing and live a quiet and peaceful period. And all know that in times of stress are the chocolate bars or hearty dinners in tenereci company ….

After all it is very simple. To lose those chiletti is too important to learn to understand in what situations we tend to eat more. It is boredom? Or is the stress that drives us to attend the refrigerator a little ‘more than it should?

Once identified, those situations that lead us to ‘overdriven’ will be required to be able to avoid them as much as possible. Obviously there are other factors that determine the weight, as genetic factors, but very often our chiletti too are due to a lifestyle that asks too much of our psyche, and body throws so his warning. Something to keep in mind the next time the needle of the scale will be moved, once again, toward the wrong side …