Losing weight versus lose fat

Actually there are few people who want to lose weight, what they really want, in most cases is to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. Specifically fat Losing weight requires you to do some strategic tweaks in your fitness plan.

Losing weight

Fat storage

Your body stores excess calories you do not need for your functions as fat normal, which usually accumulates in the buttocks, stomach and hips. For most people, though less simply a secondary effect of removing this excess fat. If your goal is to become a healthier and get into better shape, you should concentrate on making changes in lifestyle that lead to the removal of this fat, instead of obsessing over the number on the scale.

Muscle weight versus fat weight
The volume of a set of muscles weigh about 18 percent more than the same volume of fat due to the high density with muscle fibers. If you’ve recently started to diet and exercise plan, you will feel very frustrated by not immediately see the change in body weight you were expecting. In many cases, this is because your new exercise routine is causing muscles grow while losing fat.
Effects of exercise
Because you are creating muscles begin an exercise routine weigh more than fat you’re losing, body weight may not change much, especially at the beginning, while you are achieving a better way. You’ll probably need to use several sizes too small before you see a change in weight. You must remember that you are progressing and driving you healthier, but not notice a big difference in the beginning. Tracking your new exercise performance and improved them, will be a much better indicator of your progress than simply the number of pounds lost.

Fat Loss Strategy
One of the most important things you can do to make sure you lose fat instead of muscle is to incorporate strength training into your routine. For example, if you rely on a slow and regulate to burn calories, your body does not need the muscle weight and maybe not use it instead resort to burning as much fat as you want. But, if you mix some heavy lifting in your routine, your body will need those muscles so they tend to keep them and instead burn fat.

Although most people should be more worried about losing fat to lose weight, there are some exceptions. In most cases, these exceptions are people who are very active and want to adjust your complexion. This is the case of athletes competing in wrestling, in boxing, mixed martial arts or a sport similar based on weight classes that wish to compete in a lower weight class. Some athletes do not compete in these sports, you may also want to lose weight, not just fat, if need be faster or more flexible and are willing to sacrifice some power in exchange.