How to lose weight with Pilates

Pilates can help tone and strengthen your core muscles. If you want to lose weight with Pilates, you must combine it with cardiovascular exercises to burn more calories while toning your muscles. You can also adjust your Pilates routine to help you lose weight.

 lose weight


Combines Pilates exercises with cardiovascular exercises like swimming, jogging, cycling or walking. You can do it on alternate days or do both every time you exercise you. You will increase your strength and cardiovascular health.

Vary your routine. It can be easy to fall into a pattern and do the same exercises of Pilates every time. By varying your workouts, you’ll stay focused, you maintain interest and defy closer to your body. If you use DVDs, join a video club so you can rotate and test new ones.

Add some equipment to your exercises. Search the fitness centers with reformers or offer classes using equipment such as a barrel ladder (ladder barrel, in English). At home or in the gym trying to incorporate a stability ball, elastic bands or weights Pilates.

Try to go at a fast pace during your workout. Leave this for when you are familiar with the exercises and have a routine that you know well. Then only increases the speed a bit, but be sure to maintain proper posture all the time. To go faster, you burn more calories.

Work out more often. If you are currently taking a Pilates class or two during the week, adds a couple of days where you will practice on your own. It exercising more consistently during the week with Pilates and other exercises will help tone up faster and lose more weight.

Eat healthier. Use the internal approach Pilates can create to make changes in other areas of your life. Adopt healthier eating habits and reduce your stress through Pilates and other activities to prevent stress eating.