Causes of pain in the left shoulder and arm

Pain in the left shoulder and arm can occur in anyone, although some conditions and personal habits may increase the risk of developing it. People with moderate pain may experience relief with the protection of that body part, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Strong to severe pain may require medical treatment. Please note this information from the Mayo Clinic and the National Library of Medicine on the causes of this condition.
Causes of pain

Bone disease
People with joint inflammation caused by ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis may have pain in the shoulder or arm. Bursitis is an inflammation of abnormal fluid inside the joint that can cause pain in these areas is revived intermittently. Can also experience this pain people with a vascular necrosis (death of bone tissue) shoulder or arm.


Medical conditions
People with certain conditions may experience pain in the left shoulder and arm. Those who have a sudden pain in the shoulder or arm symptoms such as shortness of breath, anxiety or sweating may be suffering a heart attack. People with chronic diseases such as bone cancer or multiple sclerosis may also have this pain.
People with bacterial or viral infections may develop pain in the shoulder or arm where the infection invades the blood and bones. Sepsis, which is the result of the invasion of the bloodstream by Streptococcus, can cause septic arthritis in these joints. People who have had shingles can have complications such as postherpetic neuralgia, which also causes pain in the shoulder and arm.

These pains can also occur in people who play sports as a result of violence or other traumas. The rotator cuff injuries, loose cartilage and shoulder dislocations are common injuries that result from physical activity and can cause shoulder and arm pain. May also be causing these pains fracture of a bone in the arm or shoulder.

Nerve damage
People with injuries to the neck or back that damage the spine can develop these pains. The inflammation of the muscles surrounding the nerves of the arm, called polymyositis, can also cause pain in the arm and shoulder that can be repeated without warning. The brachial plexus injuries that result from an injury or may occur in the baby during vaginal delivery and can cause pain along the shoulder, arm and hand.

People who excessively use their left arm and shoulder pain can present that improves with rest. Overuse can result from repetitive movements like throwing a ball or typing on a keyboard several hours a day. May also have pain those trying to do more strenuous than your muscles can handle, such as weight lifting exercises.