Keys to increase testosterone in the body

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for the increase in lean mass muscle when exercise is performed. In this article, we give some tips to increase testosterone naturally because we know well that anabolism steroids and synthetic hormones are only one option to get a muscle for the photo. The best if you want to increase testosterone in the body naturally and wear a beautiful body then it is best to follow the tips that are sure going to help.

Balancing proteins

Proteins are those containing the amino aciincrease testosterone in the bodyds that help in muscle building and get high protein diets stimulate the synthesis of anabolic hormone called glucagon, which releases the hormone testosterone.

Consume healthy fats

Testosterone is produced by cholesterol and diets that are low in fats they inhibit production of testosterone. It is advisable to opt for fats from fish seeds, and fruits like avocado or nuts such as walnuts to consume animal fats.

Choose vegetables and fruits

When we want to increase testosterone is best to avoid simple carbohydrates and choose type complexes containing fruits and vegetables. For example, white pasta, white rice and white bread cause the release of cortical and insulin is two hormones that destroy muscle and being catabolic reduce muscle production.

Consume lots of vitamin C.

This vitamin plus they reduces the level of cortical after training helps increase over aromatize is responsible for transforming testosterone into estrogen.

Perform 5 to 7 meals a day

When we eat small amounts but throughout the day, help regulate cortical levels and thus managed to maintain a constant anabolic state that will not lose muscle mass we have achieved in training. It reduces stress something very important is that we reduce the maximum stress level because it shows the catabolic hormones resulting in a considerable decrease in production of testosterone. Consume enough zinc the most important in the production of testosterone and mineral is zinc intake is reduced when testosterone levels decrease up to 90%. To prevent this from happening we should eat each day between 15 and 25 milligrams of zinc.