How to lose belly fat and love handles after delivery

If you have given birth and are having trouble getting rid of your belly fat and love handles, you’re not alone. Most women have to work very hard to get rid of fat accumulated during pregnancy, especially those around your belly. Some women are incredibly lucky and seem to flatten their bellies, shortly after giving birth, but this is rare. It takes nine months to expand your belly for the baby, so you have to realize that it might take time to get back to normal.

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Breastfeed your baby, as you will lose weight faster than women who choose not to breastfeed. According Fit Pregnancy, you need to be consuming around 2700 calories a day if you’re breastfeeding, but breastfeeding will burn more of the calories you’re consuming. This means that you will lose weight and you might even lose more weight you gained during pregnancy.

Walk around the block. Do not force yourself to exercise until the baby is six weeks old, because your body is not ready. Instead, making it easy to walk around the block. Once you have received the approval of your doctor about six weeks, adding cardio back into your daily routine. Try to include 20 to 30 minutes of cardio at least four times a week.
Hire a personal trainer with a certification in prenatal and postnatal fitness show you how to incorporate weight lifting into your exercise routine. However, no need to purchase hand weights, because you can use your baby. If you can not afford a personal trainer, buy a pair of DVD of exercises, such as “the perfect postnatal workout” and “Body Builders baby and mom.”

Eat foods healthy diet rather than a shock. Your body is still recovering from childbirth and lactation, and need food nutrients to repair itself. Try to eat at least nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day, avoid white carbs and eat whole grains instead. Stay away from soft drinks and foods with empty calories.

Make the four major abdominal movements listed in the article “Losing the baby fat” on page Fit Pregnancy (see Resources) when the doctor says you can start doing abdominal exercises. Once you start applying these measures, together with cardiovascular exercise and weight training, you will be able to minimize your belly fat and love handles.