how manage them smoothly?

For 9 months, you have brought your baby and lived with him a real symbiosis. With your maternity leave, you also have create unique links with your child and build a unique and harmonious relationship. But is maybe time for you to return to the path of the work… How do I get this separation is best for you and your baby? Here are all our tips!

Return to work is a moment feared by many young mothers. After spending several weeks with their tiny, it is not always easy to move away so a day… Your concerns are normal. For these separations are not a source of stress for you and your baby, it must simply that each of you preparing in douceur….

First steps baby

Separation: anxiety to the mother, the baby.

After your delivery, you probably received a postnatal leave of 10 weeks. During this period, set a climate of trust between you and your baby. You indeed are the first object of attachment of your child! The future separation can be painful for everyone.

These fears are normal. Says Kosmadakis, midwife, “maternity leave passes very quickly and many moms have great difficulty then give their little”. So that everything goes well, therefore go in stages.

To separate gradually

Thus, as the explained the specialist, “the ideal is to start to prepare your baby a month about before the resumption of your activity”. Therefore start by absent you from time to time, just a few hours and give your little someone that il know already. “This may be the grandmother, aunt, or of course the papa, with il maintains a link very hard”. Thus, your baby doesn’t feel not abandoned and adjusts slowly to this momentary absence.

Then, about 15 days later, you can move to the next step: “MOM can take her baby in the Manger or at future nanny who will take care of him.” They can stay together for 1 h. “This time then allows everyone to adapt to this new environment and future changes” adds the midwife.

Then, for a few days, you can leave him alone, but only for a short period (1 h, 1 h ½…). After 15 days, the period of adjustment will be completed and you can start to the day.

The importance of communicating with baby.

As explains Helene Kosmadakis, interact with the child, even though it is still very small is essential so that everything goes well. “It includes very well what is happening and it is essential to reassure him and explain to him that it is not abandoned, but that dad and MOM will come pick it up very quickly.” Don’t hesitate to speak with him, kiss him and reassure him.

Your baby learns to trust you.

If he cries, don’t be alarmed not so. “The first tears are normal and they are in general very quickly”, says the midwife. So try not to show your anxiety… Your baby the feel instantly. So, do not go on catmint…. It is not a solution. He would feel lost. “After having reassured and embraced, tell him so goodbye and do you eternizes not”. To reassure, you can of course leave a doudou or a headscarf impregnated your scent. Upon your return, the baby will feel again secure and little by little returning confidence to establish.

Finally, don’t forget that, as a general, if you are calm, your small the will also be. Not guilty so not by entrusting your child. It is his new mode of care that your baby will be able to build and come into contact with the world. “This is a critical period for the construction of a baby,” concludes Kosmadakis.