Healthy eating in the restaurant Uno Chicago Grill

You can visit this restaurant, order takeout and arrange to pick up the food at locations throughout the United States . They also have a menu online for easy ordering. Follow the tips below to healthy eating at Uno Chicago Grill.


Order one of the many items offered at Uno Chicago Grill restaurant that has less than 500 calories. The chicken and lettuce wrap, an entry only has 140 calories and 7 grams of fat per serving and has 3 servings per order. The house salad with grilled chicken only has 250 calories and 5 grams of fat. The grilled chicken sandwich has only 440 calories and 10 grams of fat. The vegetable soup only has 120 calories and is fat-free; Grilled shrimp BBQ have 250 calories and only 2 grams of fat.

Healthy eating

Eat some of the things offered by Uno Chicago Grill that are low in sodium. Some of these options include lettuce wraps and chicken only have 320 mg of sodium, Filet Mignon with only 450 mg of sodium and Mahi-mahi with 400 mg of sodium. Some low sodium side dishes include steamed vegetables and roasted with 80 and 115 mg, respectively, with 65 mg asparagus and brown rice 85.


Choose some low cholesterol items. As input, the onion rings and calamari have cholesterol. The Tuscan vegetable penne pasta has only 5 mg of cholesterol. The minestrone soup is cholesterol while lentil soup only has 5 mg. If you crave meat, choose Turkey Panini with 85 mg of cholesterol or 80 chicken sandwiches.

Order a buffalo style wings to have a low carb inlet. They only have 10 grams per serving. The cuts of beef sirloin only have 2 grams while the filet mignon has none. The salads are between 18 and 23 grams each. Salmon with basil does not have carbohydrates while the Mahi-mahi has only 6 grams.

Try the fingers of crunchy cheese to suit a vegetarian diet. So much choice for vegetarians, from pizza to vegetarian panini and veggie burgers. There minestrone soup, a soup with vegetables and mushrooms.