Tips to lose weight in a healthy and fast

Tips to lose weight in a healthy and fast. How to lose weight with exercise at the gym, aerobic exercise and diet. Practical advice for weight loss and regain shape quickly.

During this period, the gyms are slowly filling up with women and girls with the gym have little to do, or if you have never attended one, have done so irregularly and very little conviction. Yet, the beginning of the end of winter, the days begin to lengthen slowly, awaken in all of us desire to lose the pounds accumulated, you want to lose weight, getting into shape. Objective: summer, beach, clothes that are trendy and skinny as possible.

lose weight

Losing weight can be, as we well know, and a healthy weight loss can be achieved relatively quickly (we’re talking about 3-4 months anyway, here is where lies the importance of starting now …) as long as you put commitment consistency, strength of will.
Forget impromptu races through the streets of the neighborhood (who are also at risk incident) and concentrate on a typical weight-loss chart that includes enrollment in a gym, and a proper diet.

How to start? What to do?
The most important advice is to go to a gym seriously, and ask for an appointment with a qualified instructor (now all gyms are trying to push a ‘personal trainer’ but if you’re lucky and can find the classic instructor who helps you willingly and no additional cost, the better).

The instructor will begin by taking note of your needs (in a healthy way to lose weight) and record your weight, measurements, and if equipped and capable perhaps even calculating the percentage of body fat (with traditional caliper or some more modern technological tool but not always as accurate).

At this time there are two fronts on which to work: aerobic exercise and diet. Both key to a healthy weight loss, and relatively fast.
Do not want to replace the instructor of the gym, but we also give you some idea of how – usually – your table will be structured weight-loss

1) Fitness. Aerobic training (carpet, step, or other types of aerobic exercise) at least three times a week, for 30-40 minutes per session. In this way not only to consume more calories, increase our metabolism, triggering a series of processes that contribute to achieving the desired goal, namely the loss of excess weight. Weight training: Do not key to weight loss, but equally important to tone the muscles, especially in the areas ‘disaster’ as they are often the butt, stomach, arms. This workout can last 10-20 minutes and be performed before or after the aerobic workout. 1 hour training session, in other words.

2) Diet. Here comes the most ‘custom’ because the amount of calories to drink a day depends on many factors, not least your weight, your target weight, your physical structure, the rhythm of your life, your basal metabolic rate. A serious diet can recommend only the serious professional, qualified. Pay close attention because diets do not mess around with. But a good diet that works, and how.

In summary, we (are) still have time to get back in shape for summer, but do not expect too much. Begin to free yourself three hours a week for physical activity, and to think more fruits, vegetables, lean meats to desserts, cheeses, pastas … and contact a professional who can show you the way best suited to your situation.