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Achieve and maintain a safe health is a major concern among adults in the United States. Receive quality health care for you and your children becomes difficult and financially devastating without insurance , so the wide range of companies, plans and options can be overwhelming. There are three major sources of safe healthcare in America and each has its own set of rules, eligibility and types of coverage.

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Government health insurance
The U.S. government offers two types of insurance to citizens, Medicare and Medicaid. Both have strict eligibility requirements that must be met before an individual can begin to enjoy the coverage. Medicaid is a joint venture between the federal government and the states and is generally administered and managed by the individual states. A state does not have to participate in Medicaid, but as of 2010, 50 states do. A state can also hire your Medicaid program by private companies. Medicaid is based on income and resources. In New York, the threshold from which a single person without children may qualify for a salary of U.S. $ 8,479 per year. This is slightly higher for pregnant women, the blind, disabled or elderly people to 65. Medicare is the federal health plan generally offered to people 65 and older. People with disabilities and those with advanced stage renal failure may also qualify regardless of age. If you or your spouse is a citizen or permanent resident who has worked for over 10 years or more in covered employment Medicare, have renal advanced disease or you are eligible for Social Security , you may qualify for the A Medicare Plan without paying a monthly fee.


Health insurance based on employer
In the past, most people depended on its employees as the sole source of safe health. This is changing, but according to a 2008 report done by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (Research Institute of employee benefits), the insurance based on employment remains a common source of health benefits, used by most people non-elderly. Employers tend to offer coverage to employees through a company insurance health although employees often have the option of plans within the company. Some employers pay or monthly fees copagan insurance health workers, while others place all financial responsibility on employees. The insurance based on employer may only be open to new enrollment once a year or at specific times during the year. Employees often have to have worked for the company for a certain period of time to be eligible.

Private Insurance
There are numerous companies in the U.S.. UU. offering insurance private health directly to families and individuals. The insurance private health offers many options and can often be customized to include options such benefits in visual and dental health. Customers can also choose between HMO and PPO plans, plans with high or low deductibles and benefits including prescriptions and visits to doctors and not include them. However, the insurance private can often be reluctant to cover some people with recurring health problems or a preexisting condition. The insurance private health is also more expensive, particularly for families.