Parkinson’s disease: healing the body and mind

In addition to the new extended-release drug treatment, research focuses on the psycho-social aspects of Parkinson’s disease. An important to lift the veil on many prejudices and allow patients to exonerate it.

A man aged 45 has fixed lines and walk “weird.” There is, however, neither depressed nor under the influence of alcohol. It is parkinsonism. Besides tremors (2/3 of people with Parkinson’s do not shake) the misconceptions about the disease are numerous. Fortunately, management becomes increasingly global and psycho-social consequences begin to be taken into account.

the body and mind

Parkinson take charge of the body and mind
The doctors are considering the establishment of an announcement protocol, so that the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is not mentioned too abruptly. “It usually takes a year to integrate the new. Ago phases of denial, rejection and many people who try to hide as long as possible Parkinson their families. A counseling is recommended to help live well every day, “said Dr. Thierry Hergueta, a psychologist at the Pitie Salpetriere hospital in Paris.

Out of the purely medical aspect may also help patients reconnect with their senses. In addition to physical therapy and speech therapy, other approaches such as relaxation therapy are proven. “Psychophysical method combining breathing, muscle relaxation and visualization of positive images, relaxation therapy will help patients to focus on pleasurable sensations. This is a great tool for discovering resources and regain self-confidence” Catherine ensures Aliotta, Director of the Training Institute for Sophrologie.

Parkinson better understand the relational impact
Inform, discuss the consequences of the disease is essential so that the environment can support a maximum of people with Parkinson’s disease. “Patients may respond differently to the disease and its treatments . Some will tend to depress or lack of initiative. This can cause problems in the relationship as the spouse does not include the decline of envy. In intimate relationships, others will develop hypersexuality sometimes difficult to live with. The key is to be aware and break taboos. Relatives can also get help, “says Dr. Thierry Hergueta.

Finally, the arrival on the market of anti-Parkinson drugs extended-release has many advantages. “Patients generally have a more stable state during the day. Moreover, the single dose treatment prevents and eases the daily oversights sometimes stalled on drugs,” said Dr. Stephen Thobois, a neurologist at the Neurological Hospital Lyon.

Focus on addictive behaviors Parkinson
Parkinsonism and addicted to gambling … Again, the link is not obvious. Yet antiparkinsonian treatments may have side effects because they act on the secretion of dopamine , a neurotransmitter affecting social behavior. Taking risks can be greatly increased and patients like family need to know the potential reactions related to treatment.
Today, doctors tend to talk about “Parkinson’s disease”, so syndromes and reactions vary among patients. In all cases, the aim is to support patients both medically and psychologically. Taking a critical consciousness just waiting to grow.