What hair color looks best with your skin tone?

Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone can make your hair highlighted. Taking care of your hair and protect your color remain bright, vibrant and attractive hair. Skin color and the colors of your wardrobe together to complete your look. Whether your skin is a pale warm color, cold, or olive tone hair there for you.

Warm skin tones
Skin with a yellowish or golden hue is a warm skin color. A peaches and cream complexion is created when red hues mixed with gold or yellow. If the red tones, the skin color turns creamy. Like skin, hair also has warm tones. Combine the warm skin with warm tones create the best hair color for this skin type. Reflections also favor warm your complexion. Additionally, when you apply makeup, clothing and accessories, warm tones rules apply. For example, a peaches and cream complexion look better with a coppery blond hair color. This color creates a natural look. A hair color in a warm cold skin will result in drainage of skin color and poor hair combination. For those with a darker complexion and warm skin tones, darker colors are better on you will, but avoid the black, as it tends to wash your natural color. Consider warm reflections as red or golden blonde, you highlight your warm skin tone.

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Cold skin tones
Have pink or blue undertones creates a cool skin tone. Clear skin tends to fall into this category with their lack of color. The faces with freckles also fall into this category. For this type of skin, cool tones will look better. As with the warm fur, this rule extends to makeup and fashion . For example, a brown hazel makes your skin color is highlighted. Full color your natural appearance against cold skin. A warm tone of hair combined with a cool skin made ‚Äč‚Äčthis look more yellow or red. To a cold darker skin can opt for a light brown or dark blond. also considers reflections honey and lighting for this skin type.

Identify your skin tone
Some skin tones can be difficult to decipher. To decide what shades you have, wash your face and cover your neck with a garment. What nuances see in your skin? A sheet of white paper held under your chin will also help you decipher your skin tone. The cold skin has pink or blue undertones. Your skin has warm tones if you see more yellow and gold. Consider visiting a local beauty salon for a consultation if you still can not determine what type of skin you have. jewelry can also help you decipher your skin tone. jewelry gold generally favor warm skins while silver and white gold or platinum favors cold skin.

General rules
For a general rule, pale skin is suitable for most hair colors. The olive skin looks more natural with dark colors. Always consider your natural hair color when choosing a different color for your hair. What category falls your natural hair color? This is also an indication of what kind of color you should choose. For example, if your hair is naturally dark brown and have an olive-colored skin, you should probably darken your hair a few shades medium brown.

Glare and lighting
When you combine reflections and illuminations, always consider your base color first. When you highlight strands of hair, do it with two shades lighter than your base color, unless you want extreme contrasts. Also, the thicker the less natural reflexes are styling your appearance. Reflexes do not always have to be blond. Are generally located in the upper layers of the hair and around the face, so be careful if you have dark skin, warm tones and want to get platinum blonde highlights, you should soften the color around your face to not wash the color of your skin. Some hair dyes have included reflections that give your hair a multifaceted appearance. The lighting will make your hair has two shades darker than your base color tones. These will help you mix your base color with your reflexes. only need to touch them up every so often.

Stay away from the blond colors that make your skin look an unnatural pink tone, if you have very pale skin and reddish hues. In addition, avoid light red color. Stick with the ash to neutralize your color red hues. Avoid very light blond with yellow undertones, if you have a dark skin. This skin type usually goes with black or dark brown hair, unless you’re looking for a sharp contrast.