How to get porcelain skin?

Some women are born with a clear complexion and creamy, while others need a little help to achieve that look. Boots bronzer, spray sunscreen and moisturizer with color, and surprised as anyone with your porcelain skin. The key to getting the creamy look is to have a healthy and hydrated complexion with a partner. You must protect that porcelain face of the sun to avoid tanning and damage, then use makeup to soften and color matching. From there, to get the deal you need soft pinks and makeup doll.


Massage your face and neck with circular motions scrub. Rubbing removes dead cells to reveal your skin healthy and fresh. Rinse thoroughly.


get porcelain skin

Apply sunscreen factor 30 evenly over your face and neck. Ponte blocker daily to avoid sun damage and tanning. Keep your skin clear and creamy!
Dip your brush into the foundation and blend all over your face. Use a base of makeup covering it a shade lighter than your color naturally , which will give you such clear and flawless complexion.

Eddy the brush in the powder, and removes the excess. Choose a matte powder and one lighter than your complexion tone naturally . Match the powder on your face, which will set the foundation in place and give you a look of powdered porcelain to your skin.

Collect some light pink blush with a brush. Apply the color on your cheeks. Pink is the perfect complement to the creamy skin, which will give your face a blush naturally and a nice contrast.

Apply lipstick scarlet, which manages to rise up creating a sharp contrast between your skin and lips. Apply the pencil on both lips after outline to give your lipstick lasting power.

Apply a red lipstick. Colors red contrast more sharply with your porcelain skin, making it look clearer and creamy.

Apply one coat of mascara to make your eyes look more open and complete the look.