Get fit for summer

Get fit for summer The summer is coming, whether you like it or not, and within a few weeks we will begin to worry about our fitness, as we in bikini, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera …

But it is never too late, and since now we still really enough time to get into shape, here’s a list of practical tips for who wants to get an appointment with the summer in form if not faultless, at least almost … uh …

Get fit for summer

At the table
• Try to focus on fruits and vegetables, white meat like chicken and lean products such as yogurt and milk carefully skimmed
• Try not to overdo it with the intake of carbohydrates. We’re talking pasta, bread, rice, potatoes … don’t delete them clearly from your diet, but not exaggerated.
• Do you drink so muchthroughout the day. Lots of water and fruit juice not oversweet, you’re away from alcohol and spirits

In the gym
• Don’t think that membership in the gym want to say 6 workouts a week, sweat and toil, stress and aching muscles. There are various ways to attend a gymnasium, from soft to hard. Choose the pace and goals that suit you and entrusted to an instructor. A frequency only biweekly can give unexpected results. Three times a week are the ideal rate.

• Skin Care for face and body. Use a gentle scrub products which would eliminate dead skin cells and restore radiance to your skin. Use moisturizers and toning, to regain a youthful aspect and tonic. Don’t limit your beauty treatments to the face as they make too many women, everything your body needs your attention. Daily.
• Caring for your feet. Your feet say a lot about a woman. Feet smooth and groomed, nails well modelled, give the leg a pleasant appearance. Obviously that is the exact opposite to those who think that the feet can be easily hidden and neglected.
• Depilation. A well shaved body immediately earns points, regardless of fitness level. Looking for contact with an expert and avoids the DIY.Those who want to look beautiful …