Gestures of emergencies: where to train?

Different organizations provide Attestation of training in first aid (AFPS), which allows to obtain the diploma of first aid. Next to the French Red Cross and firefighters, include other associations whose status follows the law of 1901, the order of Malta, the Civil Protection and a myriad of small organizations such as the white cross.

The certificate of formation to first aid
What the body of the AFD is little or less the same, because he obeyed a Government order of 1991 relating to the first-aid training. This learning can be followed from the age of 10 years. At this age, muscle strength starts to become sufficient to perform an external cardiac massage.

Gestures of emergencies

The Red Cross, these courses cost between 38.11 and €53,36 uros (or between 250 and), but those in financial difficulty will be able to follow them for free. They last from eight to ten hours and are provided, as appropriate, in the form of full days, sessions on weekends or two hours during the night.

By calling the national number: 08 36 67 15 15 (0.23 euros or 1.49 Francs per minute), you will be able to know what is the Committee of the Red Cross which organizes the nearest your home training. If you prefer an education issued by the Fire Department, call a barracks located near you.

The gestures “that saves lives”
You will learn during the AFD of the essential actions as clear a casualty in an emergency, stop bleeding, choking in children or in adults face, standing before a person victim of discomfort or cardio-respiratory arrest, Burns, trauma or wound… These are common situations need to know in order to save lives.

No recycling obligation is imposed for the AFD, “a point that it is regrettable because one quickly realizes that the gestures are forgotten after a few years and that it is better to repeat regularly training” Judge Pascal Cassan delegate responsible Deputy national of the French Red Cross first-aid training.

Should be noted in this regard that the Red Cross has published a guide, “Gestures which save” sold since February 2001 around €7.6 uros (or about 50 Francs), which is a good reminder for people already trained. Others will find valuable advice, but to be effective, there is no substitute an internship during which the practical situations such as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or cardiac massage are discussed with mannequins.

Introduction to cardiac emergencies and first aid
To know: the Red Cross has the distinction of organizing two other forms of training. First, sessions of a free time for an introduction to first aid and which are often available to the public during major events such as Congress or on tourist resorts.

Until August 20, 2001, sessions of this type are thus available each day on a different Vendee beach. The transaction is expected to be renewed in 2002 on French beaches.

There is also the Red Cross of the sessions of 3 hours, more specifically dedicated to cardiac emergencies, where we learn to recognize the characteristics of chest pain and enjoy a massage in the event of cardiac arrest.

Particularly valuable information in people with a family member is sick, but that can apply to all because it, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in our country. Some more specific trainings are also organized as part of the first aid in schools and work.