Found a substance that stimulates sexual appetite

Mammals secrete the substance and depending on the dose can stimulate or inhibit male sexual behavior. We saw the result of these compounds is biphasic i.e. that low doses stimulate sexual appetite while high doses inhibit which play a key role in regulating the appearance of sexual behavior male said the specialist.

Although these findings were making with laboratory rats, the results suggest that anandamide which can also be found in products such as chocolate could be considered an aphrodisiac in power. All those substances to facilitate sexual reply of the individual could be classified as an aphrodisiac. If low-dose anandamide promote sexual behavior could be considered an aphrodisiac in power. However, he warned that when using this drug for therapeutic purposes must be careful with the doses used for stimulants not exceed the inhibitory belongings, as one of the risks could be sexual dysfunction.

Found a substance that stimulates sexual appetite

Lack of sexual desire

If ultimately the only thing that turns you on is to get ready a rich dish to sit in front of the TV to watch your favorite show you might be interested to know that next time maybe you can prepare a special menu to awaken your sexual desire and recover the inner life. Welcome to the world of aphrodisiacs!

Sexual inhibition inhibited sexual desire or experience indifference is no desire or interest in a sexual encounter. Inhibited sexual desire is a ordinary sexual disorder and often occurs when one of the partners does not feel intimate or close to another. Some causes include communication problems, lack of affection or a suitable environment for the couple to be alone power struggles and be short of of time.