Foods to combat low mood and depression

Depression is described as a psychiatric diagnosis, in which a disorder is evident ado mood, which can be temporary or permanent, in which they have feelings of unhappiness, exhaustion, guilt, besides causing partial or total disability Enjoy the everyday things and events of life. General depression is accompanied by a lower or greater degree of anxiety.

Foods to combat

Increased risk of depression, some known factors that promote the increase of the disorder are: psychosocial stress, poor diet, increased intestinal permeability, food intolerance, physical inactivity, obesity, smoking, sleep, etc. As can be seen, large parts of the factors that influence the increase in depression have some relation with feeding.

Although not all problems of depression are given by eating, if it is known that influences in a great way all those eating habits that have, the healthier they are, improve mood and depression. In this article we will help you to know the relationship that foods have with the state of mind , As well as tell you which are the most beneficial to combat depression.

Food as we already mentioned works as a fuel, whose properties help to nourish Provide energy to our body and help with many functions of the body? However, they also directly influence the mood of the wearer, as they stimulate certain hormones responsible for emotional well-being. It is necessary to clarify that not all the foods are very beneficial, since its components are very varied and in this is that we must focus our attention.

Certain compounds found in chocolate are related to brain stimulation and the production of endorphins, for example contains an alkaloid called the bromine that stimulates the central nervous system, causing immediate effects in the emotional state contributing to feel more relaxed and calm.

They are a rich source of vitamin B, proteins and trace elements, have less than 50% water. They are very energetic foods, according to studies have properties that influence the mood in a positive way; In addition to this its properties extend for some functions of our body and are an excellent option of healthy fat for the diet omega 3 fatty acids).

They contain tryptophan an essential amino acid to promote the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in inhibiting anger and aggressiveness. A substance serves to control anxiety and stress and prevents insomnia. It is an abundant nutrient apart from nuts in eggs, milk, chickpeas, dates, bananas and whole grains