How have trays of food to eat with hand

Be creative to have food to eat with hand on trays. Guests will appreciate the time and effort put into the presentation . Keep your guests happy and coming back looking for more, with a variety of trays of food to eat with perfectly manicured hands.


Find the correct food tray.
Find great trays where between the chosen food. Consider food tray cover with paper doily cheeses, breads or desserts. Use lettuce to line tray for wet foods like meats, fruits or vegetables skewers. Find pre-decorated and lined in party supply stores trays.

 trays of food

Pre-made sandwiches can be stacked or aligned in a circle.
Choose a variety of foods to eat with your hands to display in the trays. Put small cocktail sandwiches with toothpicks to hold them together. Arrange sandwiches, mini hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken wings on the outside of the tray-shaped loop . Place one or more spices in bowls through the food tray.

Make a variety of cheeses to a tray.
Be creative when designing the tray of food to eat by hand, how to use themes. Go around the world by creating cheese trays with small flags representing the different countries they come from the cheese. Add fruit align them in the middle or at the edge of the tray. Garnish with olives.

Consider for a unique appetizer fondue.
Use mini fondue bowls with a candle under the bowl to melt cheese or chocolate. Put the fondue pot in the middle of the tray with garlic butter and melted cheese inside. Surround the pot with square pieces of bread, bite size. Use fondue forks or toothpicks to put small pieces of cake and strawberries for the guests to immerse themselves in the fondue pot with melted chocolate.

Put the sauce in the center of the tray of food to eat by hand.
Arrange vegetables, chips or crackers in a large pan with the sauce in the center, or put each food in its own bowl and arrange them around the sauce in a pan. Small labels attached near each food. It attracts guests with trays of food coordinated by color.

Make a colorful display of fruits in a tray.
Make a sauce of yogurt for a sweet tray fruit skewers. Keep the skewers together on one side of the tray, next to the yogurt sauce or even resting inside the bowl. Add prosciutto wrapped melon on the other side of the tray. Put candy in a bowl surrounded by cut to a tray of delicious dessert apples.

Food trays, decorative uses.
Decorative food trays and plates of appetizers can be a topic of conversation if you find the right one, as a snack tray shaped cowboy hat, with fries inside the wing sauce and resting in the slot in the part top.