Treatments to fight nail fungus

The nail fungus thrive in low warm, moist, dark areas fingers and toenails and can affect the entire surface of the nail and surrounding skin. The  better way to get rid of under toe nail fungus infection is to use something that will attack it at the source also known as the root cause.  As footwear keeps your warm, dark and sometimes wet feet, the toenails are susceptible to fungal infections. The treatment can take several months.


fight nail fungus

Types of treatment

Topical treatments are available in many stores and pharmacies. These treatments include various antibacterial and antifungal agents, such as urea. The Mayo Clinic recommends using topical treatments in combination with other prescription. Usually, a doctor will prescribe a treatment oral, including antifungals and applied for a short period of time.



Antifungal treatments stop the progress of infection in the nail and surrounding skin, inhibiting fungal growth and eliminating yeast and fungal spores. While topical treatments, as Saprox, ZetaClear and Fungisil are effective to kill the fungus surface of the nail and the skin, oral prescription medications, such as Lamisil and Diflucan , kill fungi from the inside. Oral medications can cause skin rashes and side effects, although rare, is liver damage.




Even if the treatment stops fungal growth, the drug should be continued to prevent the spread of the fungus to healthy parts of the nail.


Time frame

Topical treatments take several weeks to take effect. Full recovery and normal nail growth takes several months or a year. No suspendas the treatment if the nail completely recover (when the infected nail is replaced by a new and healthy); otherwise, the infection may return. Although oral treatments eliminate fungi more quickly, the nail does not have enough time to recover, so that fungi and bacteria can hide in the skin, reappearing later to cause a new infection.



Antifungal drugs also heal and restore thick, yellow and brittle nails. Most topical treatments containing humectants to help regenerate healthy skin cells.