Stop storing fat to lose weight

Although the speed of your metabolism is a genetic legacy to some extent, there is a comprehensive strategy available to reduce the storage of fat and lose weight.

fat to lose weight



Reducing the storage of fat to lose weight

Write your diet and nutritional habits. Includes the average amount of calories you consume daily, the basic amount of types of food you eat each day (like grains, junk food, meat, vegetables, fruits) and the amount and size of your meals. The “size of your meals” means that you must measure to eye the size of your meals in relation to what others your weight and height normally eat and discuss whether your meals are small, medium or large in comparison.

Based on your past eating habits, develop a new diet plan. It should contain fewer calories, consist of at least seven small meals a day and make sure your caloric intake decreases at each meal throughout the day. The meals in the morning should emphasize complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, which provides you energy. The last meal should involve a larger amount of fruits and vegetables. You must exclude all meats. Won protein of the meat should be replaced with cottage cheese, egg whites or protein shakes (as whey protein), which are thin and healthier.
Includes an exercise plan that includes cardiovascular exercise and weight training. Do cardiovascular exercise three days a week and weight training twice a week with two days off. The overall goal is to speed up your metabolism constantly eating small meals throughout the day. Burn fat with short-term and long-term cardiovascular exercise muscle mass developing.

Keep healthy this new plan so well and for so long as you can. Eat small healthy meals without exercise will reduce natural storage make you lose fat if weight while exercising without eating small meals often promote weight loss, but will not reduce the natural storage of fat. Therefore, the plan must be comprehensive and consistent to meet the long-term plan to reduce natural storage of fat and lose weight.